What unknown insider auto insurance there? See the results really too shocked!

With the social development, the domestic Automobile market holdings grow in size, fully led to the rapid development of the Automobile insurance industry. Undertake Car insurance insurance companies more and more, the kind of Car insurance has become increasingly diverse, the competition between the insurance companies more and more intense, the relevant legal regulation of the insurance industry become more perfect, so-called Car insurance industry does not insider less and less well known, but each line has its own profitability of the industry “secret”, Car insurance industry as a business entity, the company to profitability, sales to make money, they can not be spared in the economic tide, and the lack of ways to make money. The question of whether Car insurance unknown insider has it? My personal experience Is that some insurance terms favorable to the insurance company, often only felt when the insured with claims that they are not the same thing; Another point Is that the insurance companies to the clerk and the clerk’s counter-point counter-point to policyholders access sometimes quite large.

Car Is essential in modern life vehicles, as living standards improve, the Car has been enter ten million! It Is necessary to buy a Car on Car insurance, Car insurance naturally became just need product! Car insurance Is different from other insurance, guarantee period Is one year, which means that have to be bought every year! For the first time to buy Auto insurance you are white, you are a smattering next year to buy Auto insurance, Auto insurance you buy Is a veteran, and later became a small half the experts. Even if some things do not take the initiative to tell the clerk you, you Will know everything! A mass ten, hundred! Unknown insider also well known! In insurance, Auto insurance Is very transparent!

return oil returning premium Card substantially violation

insurance in order to allow customers to purchase insurance, usually with the customer to say what you buy insurance, premiums add up how much, how much premiums can return to class or to the oil Card, in fact, doing so Is illegal they are in the telephone recording can not say, can only send text messages to tell you, in fact, thIs part of the money Is just part of their commIssion, they earn less each month to complete the assessment task Is more important.

commIssion of not less

4000 basically buy Auto insurance, salesman can return around 1200-1600 oil Card to you, which also make a lot of sales, so that the insurance the company’s commIssion Is considerable, the specific number depends on the companies, in general, insurance companies, small point to commIssion more than big brand insurance companies.