What to buy car insurance? Traffic police tell you to buy what works, go to your car now!

With the development of our economy every household and raIse the level of Automotive technology, and now the Car has become a common means of transport, and no longer as far-fetched as before, almost every one Will have a their own private Cars, with private Car, since we travel Is more convenient than the previous point, of course, we all know, buy a Car later there are still many things we need to do, for example, to their Car buy insurance, usually give the Car to do maintenance, including the timing to Carry out vehicle inspection and so on. Anyway, that Is, before buying a Car, you would be busy making money to buy a Car, but later a Car Is enough to keep us busy enough, then Xiao Bian today to talk together and to buy their own Car insurance question it.

believe under normal circumstances, you owners to buy their own Car, after a certain Will buy an insurance policy for their Car, so now we the main push the Car insurance on the market there are many of us in the end what kind of insurance to buy it? Three letters to some owners are still in doubt, although the Car in today’s society, for us, Is not what particularly high coefficient difficult thing, so many people can afford a Car, of course, when buying a Car thIs situation Is unavoidable, it Is those who Will directly sell recommendation when buying a Car for us a lot of Car insurance, thIs time they Will give you the illusion that if you do not buy their insurance if then if you had a traffic accident, Will most likely go bankrupt as it Is precIsely because they say so exaggerated, so there are some people who lIstened to their words, they buy their insurance, but we can not deny that they He said that, although there Is a bit of an exaggeration, but it makes sense to follow, so we need all of their insurance to buy it?

In fact, if all buy, for we are very uneconomical, and not too close practical, because if they give you introduce insurance, you go how much to buy insurance, then it really Is very realIstic thing.

According to some very experienced traffic police, in general, we just need the Car to purchase three kinds of insurance on it, other insurance general it Is redundant, thenLet us take a look at what these three insurance, right? The first, third party liability insurance. In early times, third-party liability insurance Is necessary to pay every Car insurance Is a form of compulsory insurance, we can see that the importance of third party liability insurance, although he later from compulsory insurance now become very value insurance, but its importance Is a place where, so some owners can never ignore it, in fact, anyway?

If the accident occurred, then money Is certain. Traffic accidents, there are generally divided into two cases one Is the owner Is the responsible party, then buy thIs insurance when the effect Will be very big, because according to the relevant regulations, if an accident resulting in death or injury of the other party, then thIs insurance Is 90% of the compensation can be made for us so that our Car Will be very need thIs third-party liability insurance.

The second board staff insurance Is insurance, such insurance Is now easier to most of us drivers ignore the kind of insurance, in fact, in general, thIs insurance Is very useful, because in most cases we do not go below or tourIsm office, Will certainly not be said to be out for oneself, Will bring some family or friends, so thIs time it Is a great need for thIs Insurance because in case something really out of the accident, then, because it had thIs relationship, so let them compensation Is certainly not good, but if we own compensation, then the cost may be too high, so in thIs case, the Insurance Is very useful, so that the insurance Is also very important.

A third, non-deductible insurance. In fact, many people find to give hIs Car to buy a lot of insurance, there are some places in the future but still not compensated for, so in thIs case you need a very, non-deductible insurance, because the insurance thIs can those where there Is no compensation to complete all covered, but when we sign the contract, must be to see the range of compensation, and the amount of compensation, there Is a kind of insurance called caustic danger, in fact, for those of insurance both drivers a better Car Is completely unnecessary, but if the drivers about their driving skills do not worry, Xiao Bian, recommendations or buy a caustic danger of. InsuranceAt the time of the accident there Is a capital guaranteed, in fact, does not necessarily buy insurance that have to buy so much, but it Is important that some insurance Is a must buy, the other Is mainly based on the individual circumstances of the owner’s point of view.