What to buy a new car to buy insurance? Most of it Is worth buying these items, I do not understand quickly learn!

[Car master: knowledge] Car after buying the Car, you must buy insurance, I believe we all know. But there are many kinds of insurance on the market, dazzling. Today guru to tell you what to buy a new Car insurance.

First, the Traffic Insurance purchase Is mandatory, thIs Is our law. If you do not buy insurance to pay strong you can not hit the road. Traffic Insurance as the most basic insurance, especially in the economic conditions are not particularly desirable Car owners, it Is a very good guarantee. Once a traffic accident, you can perform basic claim, which can greatly reduce the economic pressure.


vehicle damage insurance Is highly recommended type of insurance. Loss of vehicle insurance means that the insured driver’s license or insurance accident occurred when the driver of the insured vehicle, causing damage to the insured vehicle, the insurance company should be compensated within a reasonable range.

In addition, it Is strongly recommended to buy third party liability insurance, optimal amount of insurance can reach one million, to ensure that at least 500,000. Non-deductible insurance: the full name, excluding special franchIse terms, Is an additional rIsk. In many accidents in compensation, insurance companies can get Car 5% -20% of the franchIse.

Master Summary: We do not want to encounter thIs kind of trouble, but if we met and do not have insurance, which Is very difficult, so we can we buy insurance to help ease the burden.