What no need to buy car insurance? Older drivers: these even if you have less than a car Is scrapped

which do not need to buy Car insurance? Older drivers: a Car Is scrapped these even if you have less than

With the increasing number of Cars, the chances of traffic accidents also increased significantly, many owners are afraid of an accident on the road happen, even their Car no matter how good the technology, but also sometimes difficult to avoid, too many people do not comply with traffic rules, which Is the main factor leading to the accident, to thIs end, many owners have purchased a whole for their Car insurance, so when there Is any accident, you can compensate by insurance companies, to avoid damage to the economy, but now many different types of insurance, some insurance may seem useful, in fact, be less than the Car Is scrapped, so we do not then cheated.

spontaneous combustion rIsk. As we all know, summer Is a high probability when the Car ignition, though to say, but just take good Care of the Car, then the chances of thIs happening are low, and generally self-ignition of the vehicle Is impossible, although we says they want to prevent spontaneous combustion, but now the Automotive technology continues to improve, as long as not too old Car, it Is difficult to encounter such a situation, it purchased such insurance Is also purely a waste of money.

scratches insurance. Scratches in peacetime Is the most common, even if the Car does not move in there, rub some people do not Care about, or someone joke, just less than two hundred thousand vehicles, owners generally are not going to draw a little mark away process, and therefore can not be away more dangerous condition, that thIs Is also not cost-effective, as long as the secondary insurance, then the next year’s insurance costs Will increase. If vehicles are hundreds of thousands or even millions of Cars, the last scratches insurance do not Care, after all, the owners are not bad thIs money, and such a luxury Car a little scratch, fix up cost Is not low .

driver accident insurance. Sounds such insurance Is very useful, but its role with personal accident insurance Is the same, so long as the purchase of one of them on it, but two kinds of Auto insurance compared to the case, personal accident insurance benefits better, content also more comprehensive, so we Will choose such insurance, since the purchase of such insurance, the driver accident insurance naturally there Is no need to buy, do not take thIs flowerA money wasted.

In fact, every Auto insurance has its role, and we can not deny them thIs, just for the Car, which Is generally less than the insurance and even open the Car to be scrapped, Will not necessarily be used, and if thIs money go to pay each year, it Is completely unnecessary, so when you buy insurance to weigh, buy some highly practical insurance.