What must buy car insurance which does not have to buy car insurance how to buy a bargain?

a Car knows, must buy Car insurance, Auto insurance as a necessary condition Car examined, it Is the world’s common practice. Buying Car insurance Is not only responsible for their own Car, compared to the more important fact Is that people, after buying the Car insurance in case there Is any accident also has a guarantee, so what have to buy Car insurance which does not have to buy it? Faced with numerous choices, how to buy Car insurance the most cost-effective?

which must buy Car insurance does not have to buy what?

a must buy insurance: third party liability insurance, the amount of clear means of a maximum amount of compensation costs, which Is an accident the insurance company pay you up to so much money, usually run in the big cities, or long dIstances much, at least 500,000 qualified to buy 1 million. General county open, driving too cautious can also buy 200,000-300,000. What Is the pay? Compensable accident caused by a third-party losses, including property, people hurt, but no mental damages and various indirect losses.

which must buy Car insurance which does not have to buy

must buy insurance II: loss of vehicle insurance, what Is lost? Maintenance own Car after their own crash. Including impact, scratching (sheet injuries, scratches exclude suspects), flooding fire (spontaneous combustion or fire), smashed things out of the sky (alone hit the glass, lights, instead of losing, if these two places hit you may wIsh to own more than one hit, of course, pay attention to skills ha), the loss of natural dIsasters (earthquakes, terrorIst attacks except) caused when the ferry even loss due to natural dIsasters (the rare).

must buy insurance III: pilfer. What Is lost? After the Car was stolen, the police filed three months (60 days of any change) did not recover, the insurance company would pay, but thIs should count depreciation, deductibles and 20%. For example, spend 100,000 to buy a new Car on the Card the next day after the theft of more than 70,000 at the most to lose a block.

must buy insurance IV: third party liability insurance Is not deductible, caustic danger Is not deductible, these two Will not explain, others lose money after the crash repair your own Car and do not want their money to dig You got to buy. OtherwIse, a minimum of 20% from the dig, figure it out.

do not have to buy insurance a: spontaneous combustion rIsk, the vehicle warranty period only. In spontaneous combustion vehicle warranty by the manufacturers warranty Is responsible, even if you bought thIs insurance, also belong to insure repeat, does not make sense, the insurance company Will not repeat the compensation.

do not have to buy insurance II: scratches insurance, Car within more than 200,000 do not have to really buy. 2000 amount scratches insurance premiums 400 5,000 quota Is 800, considered expensive the. And the dangerous condition of a twelve paint, then 1000 dollars now, multiple stacking limit, but also to calculate the number of occurrences affect next year preferential rates really worthwhile.

how to buy Car insurance cost-effective?

First, the full type: strong insurance liability insurance business + (100 million) Car damage + + + vehicle liability insurance pilfer glass breakage alone + + + not deductible special body scratches loss rIsk. About 20% of owners to choose thIs type of combination. Suitable for novice and Car owners need comprehensive protection.

how to buy Car insurance cost-effective

Second, the conventional type: Traffic Insurance + commercial liability insurance (500,000 yuan) + Car damage insurance + vehicle liability insurance + pilfer + non-deductible special. Approximately 60% of owners choose such combinations. There are parking spaces suitable for long-term fixed personnel guarding parked Cars, but also for a certain driving experience, the owners are Willing to bear part of the rIsk of their own.

Third, Cheap: strong insurance liability insurance business + (50 million) + + caustic danger not deductible. Approximately 15% of the owners to choose thIs type of combination. Applies to vehicles longer and driving skilled, most owners are Willing to assume the rIsk of their own.

Fourth, the rIsk of developing type: Buy only pay compulsory insurance. To pay compulsory insurance paid only a third-party accidents (the injured party), the highest casualties paid 110,000 yuan, 10,000 yuan hospitalization, property losses 2,000 yuan, but the staff Car accident caused the death of more than 600,000 should be paid, hospital medical expenses also not enough, 2,000 yuan loss of vehicle cost Is very different. And, loss or theft of hIs Car to be themselves. Therefore, with thIs great rIsk. About 5% of the owners to choose thIs type of combination.

owners understand the points above Will be able to buy the most cost-effective Auto insurance. However you want to avoid rIsks, in the final analysIs still the same: safe driving Is a serious matter.