What must buy car insurance? What a waste of money, 4S shop sales consultant for six years, “come clean”

REVIEW: What must buy Car insurance? What a waste of money, 4S shop sales consultant for six years, “come clean”

before the decade Is still a new Car might object, for most families Is a luxury out of reach. But with the economic development, industrial development, and now Car prices, financial policies are also zero interest. More and more people start buying Cars, some even a zero down payment to mention Cars. So the Car Is not far away, each and every family has become essential goods. After buying a Car, definitely you need to buy Car insurance. What about that Car insurance Is a must buy, which project Is a waste of money, you understand yet? 4S stores Xiao Bian also worked for six years, and today everyone to share to share those things about Car insurance.

Are you often hear people say buy Car insurance to pay high insurance on the line, afraid of an accident, then add three responsible. Others say that it Is necessary to buy insurance all under one roof, thIs Is guaranteed. These different views, sure to make you confused. In fact, many insurance really Is not necessary to buy, such as Car ignition rIsk. New Car spontaneous combustion, most of the reason Is because the owners tamper with the Car circuit, but not modify their own insurance company pay. If the vehicle Is spontaneous combustion caused by quality problems, we should not go to the trouble of Automobile manufacturers do?

There Is a Car stolen emergency, thIs insurance Is too tasteless. Imagine our country as well as poor law and order to such a bad place? Dare stole the vehicle in broad daylight? After the public security organs have six months, the vehicle was brought back pay, but also to depreciation based on useful life of the vehicle. The insurance cost Is not low, but also trouble, there Is no need to buy. There Is a board officers liability insurance, not to say you can not buy, that Is no need to buy 300 dollars only 20,000 of the sum insured. Now the major insurance companies have launched many drivers accident insurance, the insured amount Will have 100 dollars 100,000 dollars. If we consider the seat insurance, consider thIs one.

That Will buy insurance on it? Traffic Insurance Needless to say, bought to the road. Caustic danger, many old driver said he opened 10 years eight years, never had an affair. In fact, it Is the first Car damageIn a little expensive, a few years later in the same amount of insurance it Will only get cheaper. Vehicles traveling on the road there are too many uncertainties, it Is recommended that you purchase. After all, to pay high insurance maximum amount of compensation for the loss of only 2,000 yuan. Liability insurance, no doubt. Now luxury Cars everywhere, even suggested that the sum insured 1 million, 1.5 million, to open the road feel at ease.

Is not deductible, thIs Is good. Many Will be the responsibility of each divIsion of play 50 big board, unless it Is entirely the fault of the other lead to accidents. OtherwIse, there Is a general thirty-seven divIsion of responsibilities, the buy Is not deductible, more complete protection. There can not find a third-party insurance, in fact, Xiao Bian think thIs Is very practical. As long as tens of dollars, when you can not find a clear responsibility of people, thIs Will play a big role!

on Car insurance, small advice to buy a Car damage, three responsible one million, Is not deductible, to pay compulsory insurance. Driver accident insurance, could not find a third-party insurance freedom to choose. If you, how would you choose? Welcome to the article comments below. If you find it useful, and quickly forward it to the side ready to buy a Car of friends.

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