What must buy car insurance? On auto insurance buying tips

Car insurance, namely motor vehicle insurance, Auto insurance for short, refers liable for personal injury or property damage due to natural dIsasters or motor vehicle accident caused by a commercial insurance. Car insurance Is a kind of property insurance, property insurance in the field of Auto insurance belong to a relatively young insurance, thIs Is because Auto insurance Is accompanied by the emergence and popularity of the Automobile and the emergence and development. So, what does the type of Car insurance?

as one of the insurance pay high insurance law provIsions must be purchased, no doubt thIs Is a must buy insurance, and all the losses caused to third parties , regardless of whether there Is liability, regardless of whether payment, then the insurance company paid the parties Will need a certain amount. From the beginning of the year, such insurance Is no longer a fixed price, it Is said there Is no traffic accidents last year Will be reduced by 10% of the cost, if two years Is no accident the nature of the duties occur, the cost can be reduced by 20% and so on to the third year. But if there Is responsibility of the accident, the cost Will increase between 10% -30%, according to the annual or number.

third party liability insurance. Third party liability insurance refers to the insured person or allow the driver of a legitimate accident in the course of using the insured vehicle, resulting in personal injury or property third party to suffer direct damage, the insurer pursuant to the insurance contract, for more than machine part of the motor Car to pay high insurance compensation limit of liability. Third party insurance does not include personnel on the vehicle when the insured and the insured event occurs. Board officers liability insurance. Board officers liability insurance refers to the insured person or allow the driver of a legitimate accident in the course of using the insured vehicle, causing the vehicle officers suffered personal injury or death, which shall be borne by the insured liability for damages, according to the insurer the insurance contract to assume the insurance liability.

pilfer. If your Car Is very expensive, and often stop in, bad law and order where no camera, it Is recommended to buy one. OtherwIse, it Is not recommended to buy. You think no matter to what extent the social development, the bad guys Will certainly always exIst, but technically more difficult to steal a Car Will be relatively large, and the Car’s target Is relatively large, it Is the transfer proceduresComplex, liquidity Is certainly no jewelry phone faster, coupled with the camera now has streets, pilfer the significance Is not great.

board officers liability insurance. Board officers liability insurance including liability insurance driver and passenger liability insurance. Responsible for an accident caused by the insured vehicle liability for direct personal injury and damage to goods Carried in the vehicle on board personnel. Recommendation: ThIs allows personal injury insurance board staff to be compensated when the accident occurred, can reduce some losses. But if the owner of the vehicle Is not often Carry passengers, can be selected individually insured driver’s seat of the vehicle officers liability insurance. And if the vehicle Is sufficiently high safety factor, and the driving range and more slowly concentrated in the area of ​​the Car, even if the accident Is minor degree occurs, thIs rIsk can not buy.

stands for caustic danger of loss of vehicle insurance, its main security aspects of the loss caused by the accident to the vehicle. Car crash, rub, overturned vehicles and other vehicles in the process often seen in traffic accidents were damaged in the scope of compensation of the caustic danger, so the main rIsk Auto insurance business among some species not necessarily a lack of commercial Auto insurance Is Car damage. Because it Is so different commercial Auto insurance Auto insurance company Car damage claims in many ways, insurance costs are not the same, the owners in the choice of Auto insurance business insurance What are the main types of time have to choose one pair of Auto insurance companies, Ping An Auto insurance Is a good choice. Ping An Auto insurance Car damage insurance Is low cost, high amount of protection, but also for users presented a free 24-hour roadside assIstance.

In addition, the special clause excluding franchIse Is also very important, “Without thIs additional insurance rIsk, when the insurance company claims Will be borne by the parties in the accident according to responsibility and set a certain deductible, meaning that part of the loss to the parties themselves. “the vehicle must buy Car insurance what? introduce more insurance for everyone Is more important, at least with these types of insurance guarantee basic protection. Many owners buy Auto insurance claims in the future when you can not necessarily get the claim, the reason Is that we do not understand thoroughly the terms of Auto insurance, so be sure to small advice Auto insurance policy when you buy Auto insurance in terms of content read it again, above under what circumstances would indicate Auto insurance does not payTo know more about some of the content claims dIsputes arIse in the future with the province. Finally, I hope you can buy Auto insurance for their vehicles.

wading rIsk. If the owner Is living in the inner cities, the local environment Is also no heavy rain, then completely unnecessary purchases. Because the main security rIsk Is wading water sections or vehicle after the vehicle was flooded, resulting in compensable damage during launch. But note that if the owner knew the engine was flooded, but also forced to start the engine, then cause damage, Is not compensable.

Car insurance at a critical time can greatly reduce the burden on Car owners. But in the process of buying insurance, the insured Is not better, to select the optimal combination of insurance according to the specific circumstances of their own vehicles. Auto insurance Is not “taken advantage”, now we know which Car insurance to buy and what not to buy it.