What must buy car insurance? Not necessarily buy all rIsks, reading you Will know

There are many owners in the purchase of Auto insurance do not know what to buy, some Will choose to buy all rIsks, in fact, completely unnecessary, because there are some that we often use less can be said that when buying a Car, owners Auto insurance Is the most troublesome problem. Not all buy the best Auto insurance, Auto insurance simply because some useless, today summarizes some of the more important Car insurance, in fact, we can buy these types, the reason to buy insurance but also for our Car, when an accident occurs can reduce some rIsk.

L strong insurance

strong insurance Is a necessity to buy insurance, the state mandatory, if do not buy , you may not even driving down the road Is not qualified, and if the police were to check, it Is to be serious fines.

L Car damage (loss of vehicle insurance)

Car damage to their own compensation Is used, If hIs Car accident occurred, and that these losses are available through thIs Car damage insurance companies to give you compensation. After the owner bought thIs Car insurance, you do not need to bear the cost of repairing a Car, and the vehicle itself, for it Is important to insurance. And caustic danger of accidents, including traffic accidents, including, but also in the scope of compensation inside.

L Third Party Liability Insurance

ThIs Is mainly for when we unexpected, no way linked to the the other, at thIs time he played a role. What should buy Auto insurance to buy? Wrong Is a waste of money, an insurance company employee tells the truth! If you are the perpetrators of that role Will be larger, in accordance with the provIsions, the owners of the other leading to injury or death, then, to pay 90% of medical expenses, or other costs, we go to the hospital costs are particularly large if other more serious injuries with pay high insurance to pay medical expenses Is still relatively small, but there Is a rIsk of such shortcomings, you cause the other party Is irresponsible paralysIs only reimbursed the cost prior to dIscharge.

L non-deductible insurance

If you buy a loss of vehicle insurance and thirdThere’s liability insurance when non-deductible insurance, you may not have to worry about, because if an accident occurs, the insurance company Will compensate all losses. ThIs general insurance and there Is a difference, general insurance, in fact, only part of the loss in compensation for the accident. If so, it Is best to buy together.

The four Auto insurance Is a must buy, there Is no need to buy additional insurance, but to buy more, then that Is giving away money. Well, after watching everyone at the moment Is not that clear it up? Which Auto insurance Will buy, do not buy what you know yet? Welcome to leave a message ah.