What must buy car insurance? How to buy more cost-effective? Novice mention cars look here

comes to Auto insurance, many people should be quite daunting. Because after buying a beloved Car, we need to apply in addition to the purchase tax, license plates and other procedures, but also need to purchase Car insurance. But because too many species, many beginners may not be able to dIstinguIsh these well insured, I do not know to buy a dim. It does not matter, now let small seconds to a minute to let you get older driver. Owners choose different channels of insurance to buy insurance, Auto insurance price Is not the same, generally choose online insurance Auto insurance Will insure way quicker than traditional offline part of the money, usually commercial insurance can save about 15%. Because no cost online Car insurance insurance agent center, Is the owner and insurance companies deal directly, so the price Will be relatively cheaper.

Furthermore, different types of insurance Car insurance, the price Is different. Auto insurance Is divided into pay high insurance and commercial insurance. Traffic Insurance Is a compulsory insurance must be purchased. Private Cars to pay high insurance premiums for the first year of $ 950 if the first Is not in danger, in the second strong insurance Will fall by 10%. Commercial Auto insurance Is divided into main insurance and additional insurance, primary insurance mainly third party liability insurance, caustic danger, pilfer and board officers liability insurance. Additional rIsks there are scratches insurance, insurance wading, spontaneous combustion rIsk and not deductible. If you want to guarantee the full then, in addition to pay compulsory insurance, the insured usually several major primary insurance, and then add several additional insurance based on individual circumstances, these insurance premiums together about a year in 5000-7000.

strong insurance. Traffic Insurance stands for “compulsory traffic accident liability insurance” Is a person by the insurance company to the insured motor vehicle road traffic accidents caused by the victim (not including the vehicle and the insured persons) casualties, property damage, liability in be compensated within the limits of the mandatory liability insurance. At the same time, to pay high insurance Is the United States first imposed by the national law compulsory insurance system. Therefore, to pay high insurance Auto insurance Is one of the owners must be purchased.

loss of vehicle insurance. Loss of vehicle insurance refers to insurance of vehicles affected by natural dIsasters in the insurance coverage (not including seIsmic) or accidents, resulting in loss of vehicle insurance itself, giving the insurer pay under the provIsions of the insurance contractCompensation. It Is worth noting that the cost of loss of vehicle insurance and the value of the vehicle Is linked, depending on the vehicle purchase price, the cost Will be greater difference. Some longer service life models, some of thIs cost Will be slightly lower.

motor vehicle damage insurance (Car damage) vehicle insurance Is the most important body part for damages vehicles. But when the insurance liability insurance must be clear and liability insurance exemption clause in section. For example, if injured in an accident or death of the insured person Is yourself or a family member, thIs Is not the claim of; if the insured person driving without a license, drunken driving and other offenses accident occurred Is not compensation. In case no one’s own responsibility but can not find the responsible party, after the transfer of responsibility and insurance companies signed a compensation agreement, 30 percent of one’s own to bear responsibility. Such as a Car parked on the roadside hit by falling objects, and can not find the person responsible, must bear 30% of one’s own responsibility for themselves.

commercial third party liability insurance (three liability insurance) belong to a supplement to pay compulsory insurance for dIsability compensation, the current common sum insured 200,000, 30 Million and 500 000 and so on, but the premium difference Is not much, it’s a hundred different. ThIs insurance Is essential for private owners, in accordance with current law if the vehicle caused personal injury to pedestrians, the amount of compensation Will be based on top local average wage, the wage up to 20 years, according to 3000 yuan wage maximum compensation of 72 million yuan(CNY)(CNY), far more than pay high insurance compensation amount, so the three commercial liability insurance has become a personal injury accident Is an important safeguard.

In addition, to tell you a knowledge that the insurance company Will have some of franchIse. If an accident occurs, then both sides, if you take full responsibility for the compensation of 10,000 yuan to each other, then the insurance company Will have 15% of the franchIse. Simply means Is that no compensation deductible equivalent meaning. If you take full responsibility in the case, the insurance company only paid 10,000 yuan 8500 yuan, 1500 yuan and your own money on the line, and so on.

persons on board. Liable for accidents caused by vehicles insured the vehicle casualties. A driver plus four passengers. General insurance amount per person 10000-30000, The amount of insurance premiums of about 40 ten thousand passengers a PICC around $ 20, the amount of rIsk a million and four premium of about 100-300. It recommended that owners, with the staff Car insurance, but also to remind passengers must give on their own outside insurance. Accident insurance premiums, the insurance amount 100-500 tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Friends ride, an accident, the two sides go to court, it Is still a fundamental problem because of the money. Should learn these rIsk to the insurance company, not the driver to bear, can not afford injuries. Law: whether the passenger Is paid or ride a free ride, the Carrier has a legal obligation to the safety of passengers reach the destination.

separate glass breakage. In the insurance accident, broken glass are usually accompanied by other parts of the vehicle suffered losses that occur at thIs time of broken glass, the scope of responsibility of caustic danger. In the broken glass alone, caustic danger at thIs time does not belong to the range, while the glass Is within the responsibility of insurance, then if there Is no glass insurer Is not lost.

20% of the index later. Body paint separately insured damage (scratches insurance) thIs Car damage insurance Is additional rIsk, you can not be on the economic capacity of the root of the owner. From the full name scratches insurance point of view, the main damage Is to protect the paint alone, for example, was designated a few channels, there Is no significant depression, no sheet metal, just touch up the paint of the accident. Scratches insurance premiums of general insurance 400 yuan 2000. Other projects relative Auto insurance, such as three insurance, insurance 100 000 600 yuan, it Is still more expensive. Generally small scratches may be processed (typically at most about 200 million) by beauty. If the claim may be an impact on next year’s premium, thIs insurance does not recommend the purchase.

personal Car, a lot of novice, small scratch small rub Is inevitable, so join in on four new Cars should be insured the insurance expert advice excluding special insurance deductible, the coverage Is more comprehensive. Some high-end Cars should be increased glass breakage alone. If you are buying a used Car, used Car problem that itself Is also worthy of attention. Such as old Car Is easy to spontaneous combustion, especially novice to drive a lot of things do not notice, but the error Will appear at any operation, like spontaneous combustion rIsk should consider buying. In addition, owners can also increase the ability of equipment damage insurance, no-fault liability insurance, vehicle insurance suspended lossAnd so on, to ensure foolproof new Car.

Also, do not put all the documents are in the Car, put the Car driving license, other certificates Carry, so as not to cause loss of vehicle documents damage, lack of documentation to claims Will be deducted from the time when some of the deductible, the same lack deduction of 0.5% (exercIse Card, purchase invoices, vehicle regIstration, etc.), less spare key chain 3%.