What must buy car insurance? After reading know, there are a lot of projects Waste of money!

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, more and more friends to buy a Car, when everyone in a Car, Auto insurance Is not a small expenditure, but some insurance almost no role, no need buy. ThIs year Is the implementation of the reform of commercial Auto insurance rates in the second year, the Auto insurance industry Promotions mark the peak, each brand offers a large Auto insurance than a strength. Major Auto insurance brands have launched major efforts to offer, only to send oil to buy Auto insurance Card, for example, preferential prices ranging from 400 yuan to 2,000 yuan.

Auto insurance Will expire Liu Chang recently received the insurance company’s phone, “These days, several insurance companies give me a call, some say insurance to commercial insurance 1200 yuan oil Card, gift and some say driving recorder, Car refrigerator, toolbox, as well as the 4S shop to buy the insurance agent said as long as he was there in the giving of Care. ” Liu told Reporters: “I want the value of the gifts included, whose low price, I Will buy who.” What must buy Car insurance? After reading know, there are a lot of projects Waste of money!

1, to pay high insurance

to pay one of the insurance compulsory insurance as the legal provIsions have to be purchased, no doubt thIs Insurance must be purchased, and all the losses caused to third parties, whether or not there Is responsibility, regardless of whether payment, then the insurance company paid the parties Will need a certain amount. From the beginning of the year, such insurance Is no longer a fixed price, it Is said there Is no traffic accidents last year Will be reduced by 10% of the cost, if two years Is no accident the nature of the duties occur, the cost can be reduced by 20% and so on to the third year. But if there Is responsibility of the accident, the cost Will increase between 10% -30%, according to the annual or number.

to pay high insurance stands for “compulsory traffic accident liability insurance” by the insurance company to the insured motor vehicle road traffic accidents caused by the victim (not including personnel and the vehicle Is the insurer) of personal injury, property damage, be compensated within the liability limit mandatory liability insurance. Traffic Insurance Is the first US state law imposed by the compulsory insurance system. It Is a unified national premium charges by the provIsions of national unity, but a different type of CarNo. pay high insurance prices are also different, the main factor Is the “Car seats.”

death and dIsability compensation limit: refers to the maximum amount of compensation to be insured motor vehicle traffic accidents, undertaken by the insurer of death and dIsability cost per insured event for all the victims. Death and dIsability costs include funeral expenses, death compensation, relatives of the victims apply for funeral expenses of transportation costs, dIsability compensation, dIsability aids, Care, rehabilitation costs, travel expenses, and dependents living expenses, accommodation, loss of working time fee, the insured in accordance with the spirit of the court or mediation undertaken solatium.

compensation for medical expenses limit: refers to the maximum amount of compensation to be insured motor vehicle traffic accidents, undertaken by the insurer for medical expenses each insured all the victims of the accident. Medical expenses, including medical expenses, medical fees, hospital fees, hospital food subsidies, necessary and reasonable follow-up treatment costs, cosmetic surgery costs, these payments.

property loss: refers to the maximum amount of compensation to be insured motor vehicle traffic accidents, the insurer undertakes to every property insurance accident victims of all.

In general, thIs type of insurance to pay the amount now more user-friendly, and that Is that you pay attention to yourself, then there Is no accident, then, the cost Will naturally pay less Some, but if you drive reckless, there are multiple problems responsibility of the accident, the cost Is bound to pay Will increase the number, give warning!

2, caustic danger

Is usually caustic danger that must be purchased, after such daily rub and other Issues, maintenance costs can all be looking for insurance company to pay claims, especially an accident, if it can not find the perpetrators, the insurance company Will be paid 70% of the cost. But the important point to note Is that Car damage insurance want compensation, then the time Will inevitably according to the Car, and then make the appropriate payment after depreciation, depreciation rate Is usually maintained at 7.2% per year. ThIs type of insurance to buy Is definitely a lower economic loss protection.

Car damage means the insured person or allow the driverThe damage caused by the insured vehicle, the insurance company for compensation within a reasonable range of commercial insurance of an Automobile insurance accident occurs while driving the insured vehicle.

insurance policy refinement solution (a) – Car damage, third party and first talk about the three major Car damage insurance. Car damage and insurance are the three basic vehicle insurance, mainly compensate the loss of the insured vehicle as well as losses caused by the insured vehicle Is in use, to a third party brings! You probably think even the loss of the vehicle caused by natural dIsasters, the insurance company Is not wrong according to compensate! These words for half the loss of most of the natural dIsasters are lost, but only except as ——– earthquake.

new Car purchase price Is determined by the sum insured

ThIs embodiment insurance, insurance considered to be full insurance, the insured Will receive compensation for the actual loss of dangerous condition.

to determine the actual value of the insured amount when the insured

The actual value Is the price of the new Car purchase price less depreciation. ThIs way the insured, although a number of premium pay less, but do not belong to full insurance from an insurance perspective. Because in a partial loss, the insurance company can only be compared with the actual value of new Car prices, given the proportion of compensation. Because the owner Is the actual value of the Car insured, the insured amount for all Auto parts are at their depreciated value for the standard claims, in case the repair process needs to be replaced with new parts, insurance companies can only reference depreciation of the parts the value of the compensation to the owners of part of the cost of repairs.

Is determined by the insured and the insurance company negotiated

thIs way insurance usually occurs in rare models or confIscation of the vehicle body. Because the price of the rare models in the market are often not aligned, value and relatively high, and confIscated the vehicle purchase price Is often too low.

in accordance with the provIsions of the exIsting motor vehicle insurance policy in our country, whether it Is in accordance with which of the three Car damage insurance coverage to determine the way in fashion, without considering other “from the Car “or” from people under the conditions of “factors, the insurance rates are identical.

3, third liability insurance

Is strongly recommended to buy, because thIs type of insurance Is the most direct protection for the driver not very good technical people, the usual annual price not expensive, really an accident, then, whether a third party has suffered losses or other property aspects of casualties, compensation Will be paid by the insurance company in accordance with the corresponding amount.

The third Is the third party liability insurance liability insurance in the commercial insurance refers to the insured vehicle due to an accident resulting in a third party suffers personal injury or property damage, the insurance provIsions of the insurance provIsions of the contract for compensation. Compulsory third party liability insurance of insurance (to pay high insurance after the implementation to be non-mandatory). Third party: in the insurance contract, the insurer Is the first party, also known as the first person; the insured or insured vehicles virulence third party liability insurance Is the second party, also called the second person; in addition other than the insurer and the insured, the insured vehicle due to an accident causes the insured persons under the vehicle suffered personal injury or property damage, the victim in the Car of a third party, also known as third party. Accident occurred the same between the insured vehicle, the opposite party does not constitute a third party.

Note: The trailer Car insurance and regarded as the main one, refers to the main truck and trailer must be insured against third party liability insurance and Is the main vehicle towing a trailer. Regardless of whether the liability Is caused by the trailer, are deemed to be caused by the main Car, the total liability of the insured third party liability insurance with limits of liability Is limited to the main Car. The main vehicle, trailer at different insurance companies after the occurrence of an insured event, the insured shall claim the insurance company underwriting the main Car, it should also provide the main vehicle, trailer their insurance policy. Two insurance companies in accordance with the proportion of third party liability insurance premiums on the insurance policy stated charged by sharing compensation.

4, non-deductible insurance

recommend the purchase of such insurance index reached 5 stars, simple to said that in many incidents which insurance companies have a compensation-free rate of 5-20%, but if the owner purchased such insurance, all liability and the amount Will be fully transferred to the insurance company, so that the owners received more claims, how After lIstening to thIs you also do not want to buy it?

non-deductible insuranceThe full name of “special clause excluding franchIse”, additional insurance Is a business insurance (or Car damage liability insurance) Is. As a non-deductible insurance additional rIsk, need to be insured “primary rIsk” Is insured preconditions may not be arranged separately, which generally refers to the insurance “by special agreement, after the accident, in a corresponding main insured insurance provIsions of the franchIse calculation shall be borne by the insured portion of the deductible amount, the insurance company Will be responsible for compensation within the limits of liability. ” In general, we covered thIs insurance, you can put 5% to 20% of the liability accrued responsible for their own sub-plus to the insurance company.

does not belong to the special insurance deductible one additional rIsks. ThIs usually refers to insurance by special agreement, the insurance after the accident, in accordance with the corresponding provIsions insuring primary insurance franchIse calculation shall be borne by the insured portion of the deductible amount, the insurer liable.

substantially excluding franchIse special insurance liability insurance exIst independently of each another, insurance policyholder Alternatively respectively, and apply different rates. Excluding special insurance deductible also has its own corresponding deductible portion of such additional deduction franchIse, additional insurance deductible, and so difficult to determine responsibility for the accident. General insurance companies Will be on the “no deductible” exclusions in the insurance policy the insurer’s detailed and clear explanation, when the insured Car owners to Carefully read understand thIs part of the terms, to avoid unnecessary trouble when claims.