What must buy car insurance

1, to pay high insurance

State law mandates one vehicle insurance must be paid, and there Is no room for bargaining, unless the vehicle buying did not have opened . Because if not enough to buy insurance to pay strong, the vehicle off the road, even if the road Is caught traffic police can not just Issue a fine penalty points, that time Is as fine multiples and to re-examined, and so on.

2, third party liability insurance

third party liability insurance, mainly in the vehicle after the accident , the insurer bear financial responsibility or loss, the insurance company after the check Is good liability insurance company in accordance with the standard of compensation paid to third parties. Some old driver said that in addition to pay high insurance, other insurance can not buy or buy less appropriate, but most of the advantages of third party liability insurance, because you are not afraid of an accident, but out of things, a lot of time for the average person can not afford.

3, caustic danger

Why Car damage insurance to buy? Because the third party liability insurance to buy, then it Is recommended to buy a motor vehicle Car damage, Car damage after the name suggests it Is to buy insurance for the vehicle to do an insurance. More importantly, the Car damage mainly to buy their own Car insurance, unless it Is an accident do not want to open, or maintenance costs Is a huge number.

4, non-deductible insurance

above the insurance to buy, then the non-deductible insurance need Bought. Non-deductible vehicle insurance Is not found in the responsible party’s insurance company full compensation. So the above two bought thIs also bought, after all costs are not very expensive.

the other Is not recommended to buy, unless the vehicle Is a high-end vehicles, or glass insurance, scratches insurance, and so do not need to buy.