What most people buy car insurance cost-effective? Older drivers: only buy four Is enough!

Cars have become very popular in today’s society of transport, more and more families have their own private Car. The cost of keeping a Car in the private Car insurance can be considered a big project. Many people say that Auto insurance your side, it may be because too much Car insurance you choose, in fact, under normal circumstances, we ordinary people to buy insurance Is only enough to buy four.

The first Is strong insurance. ThIs Is no doubt, the state compulsory insurance to buy, do not buy too. Compulsory insurance sets the following six models premium of 950 yuan per year, six more than 1,100 yuan per year premium models. If last year Is not dangerous condition, then the next year to pay high insurance amount Will fall 10%, the lowest rate to fall 30%. Similarly, if you frequently escape from danger pay high insurance can go up to 30% of the maximum amount, and may encounter case the insurance company refused on the insured.

limits of liability provided pay high insurance currently: highest dIsability benefits amounted to 110,000, the highest medical expenses paid amounted to 10,000, the highest property damage claim paid to 2000 dollars. That Is, if you hit a luxury Car, Car repairs 150,000 words, to pay compulsory insurance paid up to 110,000, and the remaining 40,000 yuan was paid by commercial insurance or advance their own. If it Is a small scratch small rub, and determined to be your responsibility to repair the damage other less than 2,000 yuan can go only to pay high insurance, thIs Is only the second year to pay high insurance price fluctuations, commercial insurance Is not affected involved. Here we must know Is that pay high insurance only to cover the losses of the other vehicle, the loss of your own vehicle to pay high insurance Is not paid in.

The second Will buy insurance Is third party liability insurance. Now more and more luxury Cars on the road, running red lights chaos jaywalking pedestrians are also many. By Car it Is really like a time bomb, afraid of ten thousand afraid of the event, if really a big accident, three insurance may not really make you bankrupt. Three special liability insurance as long as life Is not short of money, personal feeling a minimum 500,000 to start, it Is best to buy 1 million.

For unlucky but more realIstic example, if you drive accidentally killed a man, or hit a few million in a luxury Car, your full responsibility determination paid 1.2 million. If you do not buyThree liability insurance, so to help you pay high insurance payment 110,000, and the remaining 1.09 million need your own money, more than 100 million indemnity enough to overwhelm an ordinary family. But if you buy a one million person liability insurance, three insurance then one million of which 1.09 million Will be paid to help you, you just paid 90,000 yuan. So the three liability insurance Is still very necessary purchase of commercial insurance Is the most cost-effective insurance.

but only enough to buy three insurance, three insurance additional insurance and caustic danger Is not deductible insurance must be used with the purchase. Non-deductible insurance stands excluding franchIse warranties. In the normal course of the insurance company’s payment, there Will be 5% to 20% of the franchIse. ThIs means that if you remove the need to pay high insurance paid 1 million, only bought one million three liability insurance, then the insurance company does not directly paid you a million, because there are 5% to 20% of the franchIse, so the insurance the company only paid to you 80-950000, the remaining 5-150000 still need your own money. But if you have a non-deductible insurance, which Is 1 million insurance company all claims.

Is a last Car damage. Caustic danger, which means that at the time of the accident to determine your responsibility to repair your own Car insurance. Three insurance pay high insurance and other vehicles are to repair or compensate, buy a Car damage after the accident, the insurance company Will give your vehicle claim. Three insurance caustic danger, although not so important, but for the novice driver or try to buy. Also you need to match the non-deductible insurance, or can not the full amount.

If thIs Is the case of the proposed purchase of a new Car comparIson Car damage insurance, if you have a Car five or six years old, then the meaning of caustic danger Is relatively small , and according to their actual situation may consider whether to omit, because thIs time the Car Is not worth some money.

In the case of personal feeling of extreme lack of money, at least buy strong insurance, insurance plus three non-deductible insurance, Car damage as the case may be. Because if really a big accident, all with their own how to say, the big deal Is scrapped a Car. But for the other it does not make you a penny.

AsLike wading insurance, theft insurance, scratches insurance, cost Is not high, it Is considered as the use of the dangerous condition, the second annual premium would rIse, more harm than good. There are not as good as paying the money to the insured amount of the three insurance increase the number of safe.

The above content Is the personal opinion of the colt, hope can help you, also welcomed friends in the comments area below the message thumbs dIscussion, talk about now you have to give your Car on which the insurance?