What more appropriate vehicle insurance to buy?

The Car can travel on the road, a necessary condition Is to buy Auto insurance. Now a wide range of insurance, for many private Car owners, and sometimes does not know how to choose.

into insurance and commercial insurance be compulsory two categories. The so-called compulsory insurance, that Is, the state must buy the insurance to pay strong, otherwIse the vehicle Is not allowed on the road, and the vehicle Will be required to pay compulsory insurance policies provide annual inspection. Traffic Insurance for accident victims of a third party claim. Traffic Insurance payment Is the amount of: death or dIsability compensation 110,000 10,000 medical expenses, property damage, $ 2,000. ThIs Is to pay high insurance maximum payment limit, we all know that people are really experiencing injury accidents, medical or compensation for the death of thIs far Is not enough.

encountered compensation Is not enough how to do? Either the owners of their own money to make up for compensation, or to purchase third party liability insurance. Now an accident, medical expenses and compensation for death and dIsability staff are very powerful, so the amount insured third party liability insurance have become more sophIsticated, many owners have chosen one million or even more than the insured amount, so that my heart only practical thing.

whether it Is to pay high insurance or third party liability insurance, claims are only for the victim, it does not include the cost of maintenance of the vehicle itself. If the vehicle needs to be repaired, it Is necessary to buy Car damage. There are Car owners would say, because it Is your own Car, do not repair the repair does not matter, you could save a little bit better. However, if we had some serious collIsion, the vehicle can not continue to use, can only repair, maintenance often amount to far more than the amount of insurance itself.

There Is also a non-deductible insurance. After we purchased more insurance when claims, the insurance company does not amount to a loss of 100%After the payment, deduct a certain percentage of the amount, and the purchase of non-deductible insurance Will be paid 100% of the actual amount of loss and maintenance.

in which Auto insurance, to pay compulsory insurance Is a must buy, Car damage, third party and non-deductible small advice Is still necessary to buy, these four items are the basic types of insurance we generally buy Auto insurance. There are many other such as scratches insurance, glass insurance, wading insurance, could not find a third-party insurance and so on, these small insurance amount Is not high, and sometimes really met the relevant circumstances still quite useful, the owner can according to their usual You need to choose.

(operations staff: He Shuguang)