What kinds of car insurance to buy?

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Trail and CR-V, both compared to , CR-V or more Is recommended to buy some. Trail of the technology a little too old. Although thIs generation CR-V has also been on the market for three years, but the overall reliability of stability or worthy of recognition.

Recently, there have been dIsclosed, CR-V Will mark the mid-term facelift in the near future. The main change Is for the appearance and overall size. I think after the CR-V facelift Will look much better than cash.

However, Why do not you consider Hao shadow of it? Is a new model, looks younger and more movement, but also a reliable power products, in addition to the price may be slightly higher, I think the film Will be Hao choose a little better than these two.

we buy a Car, the Car Is relatively new, or relatively high price models, generally buy “four basic insurance.” Specifically included with a

strong insurance: full force Is called the traffic rIsk. ThIs Is no way, be sure to buy. Do not buy Will not let you on the road.

three rIsks: full name Is called commercial third party liability insurance. Simply put, hit others, the insurance company to help you lose money.

Car damage: As the name suggests, Is your Car collIsion occurred when the attrition in need of repair, the insurance company come out of thIs money.

Is not deductible: ThIs Is actually considered a supplement. Because whether it Is three or Car damage, insurance companies generally can not do the full amount, but then buy non-deductible insurance, you can do it.

The remaining like, wading insurance, pilfer, glass insurance, insurance that the seat can be purchased according to the actual needs of their own. But the best four basic insurance all under one roof. And three Is best to buy 2 million to buy two million, roughly the price of money, but who also said that there Will be any badWhat suddenly happens.

If a household word, A3 really good choice. After all, space Is limited, around 20 million price can only buy the 1.4T models, the power Is also somewhat lacking. It Is suitable for the kind, not married, but there are certain social needs of the consumer as a daily means of transport used.

but as a luxury brand’s entry-level model, taking into account the added value of the brand, A3 price Is still possible.

A6L and BMW 530 compared to, I personally still prefer the BMW 530 number.

Although a more cost-effective A6L, Quattro system handled easily felt, and BMW 530 has no inline six-cylinder engine. But if you take into account the brand influence, then, BMW or even better. And 530 power matching Will be better some than the A6.