What kinds of auto insurance buy the most cost-effective? Someone who tells you the answer, do not be silly, “Fudge”

Car Is in our lives Is very common means of transport, it gives us travel brings great convenience, so we all know that when we buy a Car Is to buy Car insurance , so even if some cases observation or rear-end, but also can effectively reduce our financial losses, but the type of Auto insurance Is varied, you know what to buy Auto insurance Will be the most cost-effective, but also the most useful of it ? What kinds of Auto insurance buy the most cost-effective? Someone who tells you the answer, do not be silly, “Fudge”.

Today, I just like to talk about what kinds of Cars to buy Auto insurance Is the most useful, surely we are all aware, our Car insurance species Is also very much, if we were lIstening to the salesman to sell, you Will find a wide variety of Auto insurance can be said to be dazzling, and even sometimes a fever on the brain all buy, and today I give we talk, we have three Auto insurance Is very important when buying Auto insurance, they are also at a critical moment can be a big help, and the rest we can according to their own economic situation to choose.

1. Strong insurance. ThIs I do not do too much introduction, I believe we all understand, and to pay high insurance Is mandatory for our country to be paid, he Is also in order to ensure the interests of our victims, if not in the Car when accidentally hit pedestrian or other vehicles, then pay high insurance, then you can continue claims, and to pay high insurance Is very real, but he claims the amount Is very small, so for many people, just so pay high insurance Is not enough.

2. The third party liability insurance. Third party liability insurance can be very useful, it Is mainly our vehicles the amount of compensation to third parties in some accident, then the third party liability insurance, the insured amount Is the same he Is different, there are 300,000 500,000 and 1 million, we can choose according to their actual situation which the sum insured of course, buy more insurance coverage to buy, but also the higher the pay corresponding fees. But once that there Is a traffic accident, our accident, thIs economic security Is also very important.

3. The non-deductible insurance for non-deductible insurance, I believe we all have heard, non-deductible insurance Is not a separate business insurance, but a additional rIsks, normally he would and some other insurance combined with the use of, for example, we just bought a third party liability insurance, then buy the non-deductible insurance, then it can effectively get more of the claim amount, even We Will give you the full amount of the claim, so when we buy insurance, three insurance Is very important, you understand? Give us today to share here, what Is the difference of views and opinions are welcome to give me a message and we can dIscuss.