What insurance Will buy car insurance, you are clear?

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there are many Car insurance optional insurance, you want to save money to buy a pair, but also take into account the Car’s basic “insurance”, then how to choose it when buying Car insurance? A Car friends should be able to buy their own Car on a set of insurance, but insurance does what Is necessary. What are the insurance and Car insurance, Xiao Bian gave you introduce today a preliminary Car insurance.

forced to buy insurance: pay compulsory insurance

to pay high insurance Is compulsory insurance of insurance, after escape from danger can be paid each other: containing material damage and personal injury losses. The types of business insurance Is more and more

need to buy insurance: Car damage

if you drive the Car got hit, the insurance company Will you fix your Car to escape from danger, grid reference new Car to purchase insurance, according to the manufacturer brand and model, unified by the vehicle purchase price, then offer to grid platform to confirm the insured amount.

Is necessary to purchase insurance: third party insurance

(roughly divided into 50,000, 100,000, 200,000, 300,000, 500,000, 100 Wan and so on, you are free to choose) when you drive a Car accidentally crashed othersWhen the vehicle or injuries to personal safety of others, the insurance company can help you to priority payment, but only direct loss, medical section, the insurance company Is only responsible for health Care within the scope of the claims. There are separate broken glass insurance 🙁 many insurance companies are divided imported and domestic, so prices are not the same) if your Car Is broken glass in the absence of a traffic accident, the insurance company may choose to give you a new one.

optional purchase insurance: Car insurance personnel

when the accident happened, can you paid the driver and the passengers on board medical personnel expenses, Of course, just the claim within the scope of health insurance. Spontaneous combustion rIsk: your Car because the problem circuit, the circuit such as spontaneous combustion, the insurance company can refer depreciated value after the 20% dIscount claims (if the insured Is not deductible insurance, it can be performed directly on the depreciated value of claims).

second choice to buy insurance : the entire vehicle pilfer

after the Car Is stolen, the public security organs have proved, and the vehicle Is not found within three months according to claims 8 fold depreciation call (if not already insured deductible insurance, it can be directly according to claims depreciated value).

need to buy insurance : non-deductible insurance

If you do not buy the insurance, then when the dangerous condition, your full responsibility themselves to be 20% you should be the main responsibility themselves to be 15%, when you and the other with responsibility, you should bear 10% of the time you are a secondary responsibility, should bear 5% (there are many insurance companies, can be insured separately, excluding free such as: caustic danger, three responsibleInsurance, Car insurance personnel, pilfer and so on; some insurance companies are integrated together). Well, Xiao Bian today to introduce here. I do not know after lIstening to the introduction of small series of Car insurance project has no deeper understanding of it? Xiao Bian want to introduce all of you to help.

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