What have car insurance?

Car insurance Auto insurance abbreviation refers liable for personal injury and property damage due to natural dIsasters or motor vehicle accident caused by a commercial insurance.


Category Auto Insurance:

1. The nature can be divided according to the type of insurance compulsory insurance (pay strong rIsk) and commercial insurance.

1 commonly referred to Traffic Insurance: namely compulsory traffic accident liability insurance, the state Is forced to buy insurance. Motor vehicle traffic compulsory insurance must be purchased to be able to drive on the road, inspection, lIsting, and if necessary third party damage claims occur, you must then pay high insurance payment paid to other types of insurance.

2. Commercial insurance Is not mandatory to buy insurance, the owner can be purchased according to the actual situation.


main Auto insurance coverage description:

1. loss of vehicle insurance. Loss of vehicle insurance Is liable for their losses due to natural dIsasters or unexpected vehicle accident. ThIs Is the most important vehicle insurance insurance, if you are not insured, the cost of repairing the vehicle after the collIsion borne entirely by yourself.

2. The third party liability insurance. Direct damage liability third party liability insurance Is responsible for vehicle accidents caused by the use of others (ie third party) personal injury or property.

3. Pilfer entire vehicle. The whole Car pilfer liable for the insured vehicle due to theft, robbed, robbed result in total loss of the vehicle, as well as during vehicle damage or vehicle components, ancillary equipment loss caused by the loss. Loss of vehicle can get the actual value of the vehicle (in accordance with the agreed policies prevail) 80% of the compensation from the insurance company.

4. The vehicle liability insurance. Vehicle liability insurance to cover insurance vehicle accident caused by direct liability for personal injury and damage to goods Carried in the vehicle on board personnel.

5-fault liability insurance. Insurance of vehicles in use, due to traffic accidents and non-motorized vehicles, pedestrians, causing casualties and property losses each other directly, while the insured vehicle when the party should not be liable if the insured refused to compensate unsuccessful, the insured has been paid to the other party can not recover, according to the insurance company “approach to road traffic accidents” and Chuxian local “provIsions of road traffic accidents,” standard, counted in the insurance policies set forth limits compensation. Every time compensation are implemented 20% absolute franchIse.

6. Car goods dropped liability insurance. Drop-vehicle Cargo liability insurance – insurance of vehicles in use, the Cargo falling from the Car suffered direct losses caused by a third party personal injury or property arIsing from financial liability. Liability counted in the insurance liability limits set forth in the insurance policy. Every time compensation are implemented 20% absolute franchIse.

7. Glass breakage alone.

8. Stopped vehicle damage insurance.

9. spontaneous loss of insurance.

10. Newly added equipment loss rIsk

11. Excluding special insurance deductible. Only the insured at the same time voted loss of vehicle insurance and third party liability insurance on the basIs of thIs insurance before they insure. ThIs item handled special motor vehicle insurance compensation for the occurrence of the insured event, its deductible amount calculated in accordance with the terms of the basic insurance in the amount of compensation in line with the provIsions of the insurance company to pay compensation. That vehicle Is involved in loss of vehicle damage insurance third party liability insurance of all aspects of compensation by the insurance company. 67

insured Car insurance considerations:

1 Do not repeat the insured.

2. Do not over-insured and not insured in full.

3 Insurance to preserve.

4. Timely renewal.

5 check policy.

6. Carry insurance. Should Carry insurance, if an accident should immediately notify the insurance company and the traffic management department report.

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