What good car to pay the insurance? About how much money? Raiders here, do not mention it away!

which the insured buy a new Car? May be the first Car were so many headaches. Buy less, psychological security Is not high; to buy more, but also worried about spending too much money wasted. Let me introduce the main types of insurance, according to their own situation and how to select the proper insurance, Auto insurance unspoken rules.

Car insurance Is divided into two types: Traffic Insurance (national mandatory must be purchased, the amount 2000 yuan) , commercial insurance (required to purchase). Commercial insurance divided into the main insurance and additional insurance, insurance generally main Car damage, third party liability insurance, vehicle liability insurance and the like pilfer; additional rIsks generally breakage, body scratches insurance, insurance glass spontaneous combustion , wading insurance, non-deductible insurance and so on.

do not recommend buying broken glass

at the time of buying a new Car, most of the 4S store sales staff Will recommend the first three years to buy all rIsks (including at least to pay compulsory insurance, third party 500 000, Is not deductible, Car damage, etc.), but also fooled you buy body scratches insurance, pilfer, spontaneous combustion rIsk, of course, older drivers generally only buy to pay high insurance. If you are a novice, to get a driver’s license after basic not touched the Car, it Is recommended to buy at least the first year of all rIsks. Novice Car, inevitably bumps, commuting large peak period traffic, do not buy all rIsks heart Is not practical, not emboldened by Car. I am here to say that all rIsks Is not a “buy”, just buy pay compulsory insurance, third party 500 000, Is not deductible, Car damage to (the first year or so about more than 6000), or outside the relatively high speed run and more, the proposed purchase of a certain amount of rIsk seats.

The reason to buy non-deductible insurance, Is able to ensure that the basic traffic accidents, they can be exempt in addition to advance repair and compensation costs (primary insurance only paid 80% to 95% of the amount, the rest to be themselves). In other words, as long as the owner insured the insurance, you can put 5% to 20% of the liability accrued responsible for their own insurance company and then passed on. For me personally, to get permits in 2015, before March 2017 to work in a Car, I had never driven a Car during. The first year bought more than 6,000 insurance (pay compulsory insurance, third party 500 000, Is not deductible, Car damage), They are all selling insurance commIssion, if the 4S shop to buy, so they presented about 800 to 1,000 yuan oil Card. Since there Is no escape from danger last year, thIs month I bought the insurance (pay compulsory insurance, third party 500 000, Is not deductible, Car damage insurance, plus travel tax) Total cost Is about 4800, but the insurance company has a cash back offer activities 1,400 (both It Is routine, in fact, Is the return of their commIssions), the second year of the actual cost of insurance over 3400. When buying insurance can not avoid forgot to ask: Is there any cash back, send them off oil Card, do not engage in activities, you Will commIssion rice to us? And so on … .. or else they Will not tell you the mystery inside.