What car to buy the insurance? These have to buy the insurance, you should know Insurance

When you are in the 4S shop to buy a Car, it Is usually to buy insurance. To do so Is very convenient and safe! After all, in such a big store, you can find the person directly responsible. Under normal circumstances the salesman Will ask us to buy full insurance, said novice drivers inevitably collide! Buy full insurance sum Is relatively cost-effective. Everyone thinks since spent a lot of money to buy a Car, spend money does not matter, I am sure I Will buy full insurance! In fact, you only need to buy these types of Car insurance. No need to buy another.

to purchase insurance, there Is one more thing to note: a single dIstinguIsh between the insured and the insurance policy. The application form Is written proposals proposed by the applicant. After applicants fill out the application form and delivered to the insurance company, the applicant Will receive a written offer, that he Is Willing to sign insurance contracts with insurance companies. Insurance Is the insurance and the insured entered into a formal written proof of the insurance contract. Although the difference between the two Is only a word, but there are some differences.

These generally buy the insurance on it, pay compulsory insurance: “compulsory traffic accident liability insurance”, road traffic generated by the insurance company to the insured motor vehicle personal accident victims (not including the vehicle and the insured persons) casualties, property damage, be compensated within the liability limit mandatory liability insurance. ThIs insurance Is mandatory in the country, if it Is found there Is no traffic police to pay high insurance, then, not only to fine points, it Is also possible to pay 2 times to pay high insurance! Traffic Insurance Is the first US state law imposed by the compulsory insurance system. It Is a unified national premium charges by the provIsions of national unity, but to pay high insurance prices of different Car models are different, the main factor Is the “Car seats.”

“non-deductible insurance” Is a commercial insurance additional rIsk (or Car damage liability insurance) a. Non-deductible insurance Is insured vehicle accident loss of vehicle insurance and third party liability insurance, such as occurs in insurance coverage, resulting in loss of vehicle (excluding robbery) or a third party liability, the insurer based on “Terms “prescribed amount of compensation to pay compensation. Therefore, as long as the owner of the insured additional rIsk, you can put itself in charge should be passed liability insurance companies, insuranceThe larger vehicle or a third party liability insurance loss, the more obvious role in safeguarding the types of insurance. According to additional non-deductible special way of insurance, while only insured basIs loss of vehicle insurance and third party liability insurance of the insured before the additional rIsks, both are indIspensable. Loss of vehicle insurance premiums by 20% insurance and third party liability insurance and insurance of charge.

The vast majority of the past, local governments Will be third party liability insurance row insurance Is compulsory insurance, do not buy thIs insurance, the vehicle Will not be on the Card can not be annual. After (referred to Traffic Insurance) the introduction of compulsory motor vehicle traffic in the insurance, third party liability insurance has become non-compulsory insurance.

third-party liability insurance Is due to the insured property damage caused by negligence or personal injury to a third party, third party insurance companies for compensation or property of a third party personal injury were kind of insurance payments of. Third party liability insurance for non-mandatory insurance.

loss of vehicle insurance vehicle insurance the most widely applied of insurance, whether it Is a small scratch small rub between everyday casual, or suffered an accident resulting in serious damage to the Car as long as within the scope of insurance, repair costs can apply for compensation to the insurance company. However, there are all sorts of loss of vehicle insurance exemption clause, so the owner should Carefully read the terms or loss of vehicle insurance before the insurance, caustic danger to master the content, so as not to fall into claims mIsunderstanding.

Although an accident can find the insurance company, but we have to be Careful, troublesome little things, the most important of life. More Auto insurance you buy it? Welcome to comment below.