What car insurance to buy and what not to buy, buy four basic enough, do not waste money

After the key Is to buy a Car to buy Car insurance, if not purchased can not even hit the road, but in the process of buying insurance, you Will find there are many types of insurance see people get confused, if they do not worry about a problem no compensation for all costs and buy high, especially in the first year of the cost, so in the end it should be how to buy Car insurance?

recommended that older drivers bought four basic insurance Is enough, other types of insurance according to their own choice, no need to buy.

First, strong insurance.

whose full name Is compulsory traffic accident liability insurance, the insurance company Is the victim of road traffic accidents occur on the insured motor vehicle by the (not including the staff and the insurer of the vehicle) of personal injury, property damage, be compensated within the liability limit mandatory liability insurance.

to pay high insurance Is compulsory purchase, if you do not pay not on the road, get caught need to pay double insurance, and to pay high insurance nationwide prices are unified, so thIs you must buy insurance.

Second, Car damage.

to drive the process Will inevitably be bumps, Car damage insurance allows the insured vehicle after a traffic accident compensation payments, of course, if the loss Is less than 500 dollars Is not recommended to go to the insurance company , claims too many sequential two years premiums Will increase.

Third, the third party insurance.

the role of third party insurance when the insured vehicle Is involved in an accident, resulting in third-party property damage or injury occurs, the insurance company paid them for you. Although there are also pay high insurance payment, but if a major accident, then it Is not nearly enough, especially luxury Cars hit, then it Is best to purchase third party insurance more than 1 million of the amount.

Fourth, not deductible.

Since the third party insurance pay only 70%, the remaining 30% Will be non-deductible insurance payments, pay non-deductible after compensation when required,Insurance companies Will be paid in full.

In addition to the above four basic insurance, insurance as well as glass, pilfer, wading rIsk, rIsk of spontaneous combustion, etc., can buy completely, also generally not used on.

For example pilfer, Car anti-theft technology Is now getting higher and higher, the chances of the Car was stolen or small, besides Car parking areas are generally installed there are surveillance, Automotive big chance to get back stolen.

There Is also wading insurance, if the owners live in the inner cities, the local environment Is also no heavy rain wading absolutely no need to buy insurance, because insurance protection Is wading in Car after the flooded engine damage, but be aware that if the owner knows flooded the engine, but also to start the engine, then the case Is not compensable.

As the rIsk of spontaneous combustion, the absence of spontaneous combustion generally Car, even if there if the warranty period, should be borne by the manufacturer or dealer. Grandfather recommend the use of vehicles after three to five years before considering buying spontaneous combustion rIsk, and very selective Care people can buy a new Car pilfer, glass insurance, scratches insurance, and so on.

If the premium Is too high dIstress want to save money, buy four kinds of basic insurance Is enough, no need to have to buy other types of insurance, after all, used few opportunities. But also to Carefully study Carefully before buy insurance, do not muddle people lIsten 4S shop recommended.