What car insurance should buy? Do not be a pit 4S shop

Hello, everyone, we met again.

Today we look at Auto insurance. Car insurance Is a very important part of life insurance Is to protect the body’s own property, empathy Auto insurance Is to ensure payment of a series of losses caused by vehicles in use, including those involving property damage, personal medical Care.

buy a Car first thing you need insurance, I believe there are still a lot of people do not know, stumbled, do not know what the rIsk Is not buy, and after the insurance accident occurs Is how to Carry out the payment.

Is divided into many types of Auto insurance, the following us to learn more about their role.

to pay high insurance

accident compulsory insurance, referred to pay high insurance. ThIs insurance Is compulsory paid traffic laws in the country to pay the same amount, but according to the number of seats the different models, the amount paid Is not the same. To pay high insurance compensation for the role of third party (third parties means that in addition to hIs Car’s range of people and things) loss. For example, you accidentally rear-end people in front of the Car, then pay high insurance on the first working. Said here, depending on the accident two party liability, except to pay high insurance payment insurance. Full responsibility for the accident Is divided into primary responsibility, secondary liability, equal responsibility, not the responsibility of a few, it Is also divided into two categories, there Is no responsibility and liability.

accident police determined that writing a time has the responsibility to pay high insurance maximum payment amount Is as follows:

resulting in death and dIsability compensation limit: 110,000 yuan

produce medical expenses compensation limit: 10,000 yuan

property loss: 2,000 yuan

but you do not think the traffic police determined that no liability, would not have paid. ThIs Is mainly for motor vehicles and non-motorized traffic accident or pedestrian generated. Because the non-motor vehicles and pedestrians Is one of the “vulnerable”, and no responsibilityInsurance companies have to either party resides not be paid in accordance with limits of liability, the rIsk transferred to the insurance company.

So if you’re not determine responsibility, the largest amount of payment Is as follows:

resulting in death and dIsability compensation limit: 11,000 yuan

produce medical expenses compensation limit: 1,000 yuan

property loss: 100 yuan

so after the accident produced, the first step Will be in accordance with the above claims, did not see the maximum amount of death and dIsability of only 11 million, or if the loss caused by the accident that exceeds thIs number it? So, it leads to the following third party liability insurance.

third party liability insurance

third party liability insurance to pay high insurance with a difference:

a, Is not mandatory to buy the former, the latter Is forced to buy.

Second, buy two different amounts, the amount of protection Is different.

Third, the latter Is no franchIse and deductibles, the former Is part of the provIsions of the deductible, the deductible Will talk about later.

Fourth, the latter Is the responsibility regardless of whether the accident are lost, but the former has the responsibility to pay the time.

Third Party Liability insurance coverage you can buy high, normal 100,000, 500,000, 1 million or even several million can buy. Its scope of protection Is third loss in traffic accidents. Like the above mentioned, if the maximum amount of compensation to pay high insurance Is not enough to lose, we continue deducted from the third party liability insurance.

loss of vehicle insurance

caustic danger Is naturally their vehicles suffered damage (not including seIsmic)When the accident insurance and the implementation of safeguards. It Is different in front of traffic compulsory insurance and third party insurance protection range, to pay compulsory insurance and third party guarantee Is the loss of a third party, and Car damage insurance Is to protect the loss of hIs own vehicle, the two do not overlap.

Is actually very good understanding, for example, you do not state the same rear-end people again, you determine the full responsibility for the loss of the other vehicle traffic compulsory insurance and by the third party payment, but your Car also hit the crooked front, the revIsed fare Is deducted in loss of vehicle insurance you buy in.


readily appreciated that vehicle Is stolen or robbed when paid insurance.

Car seat liability insurance

Is the same Car if there are personnel casualties in the accident, he bought thIs insurance, the insurance company compensation.

scratches insurance

Insurance Is virtually scratch to others, but Is used when no obvious impact phenomenon , caustic danger Is additional insurance, but does not belong to the scope of protection of caustic danger.

wading rIsk

Is used after the insurance loss blIsters


spontaneous combustion rIsk


of the vehicle due to a malfunction caused by the fault line oil used in the insurance spontaneous combustion.

Glass breakage alone

means only when the broken glass alone lost. Some people may ask thIs does not fall within the scope caustic danger of it? Does not belong. Hit falling objects such as glass, or the like was only broken glass glass damage, no other damage, which Is to take effect breakage alone, Car damage can not be maintained. If the vehicle hit a tree, causing the body as well as a series of glass damage, Car damage insurance Will take effect.

non-deductible insurance

non-deductible insurance except insurance based strong narrow present. We want to know, like third party insurance, Car damage, pilfer and so on, the insurance company Is not full compensation. For example, third party insurance, to be paid 100 million people, a third party ordinance provIsions are deductible 15% of the money, that Is, 10,000 yuan, the insurance companies only pay 85% of the money that Is 8500, that Is even worse 1500 who lost? You chant hIs own pocket. However, if you buy the non-deductible insurance, then the insurance company Will guarantee a full, paid the 10,000 to help, do not dig up one point.

Having said that, what we want to buy it?

to pay high insurance, forced to buy, I did not have to say.

third party liability insurance, do not buy it if a big selling point of the accident Is not enough to pay Oh, so buy about 500,000 limit on appropriate.

caustic danger, of course, buy, or else the repair of the money was hIs own pocket.

pilfer, if you really does not work that law and order or buy it. . . If no problem, then I save some money.

Car seat liability insurance, many friends often go out, then hey buy Ye Hao.

wading insurance, spontaneous combustion rIsk, should not so bad, right?

scratches insurance, look feel, and personally do not think Is necessary.

glass insurance, also buy FIG peace of mind, after the windshield Is very expensive.

non-deductible, of course, thIs Is also a buy, 15% \ 20% of the lot.

Well, above Is to give everyone the popularity of Car insurance knowledge, we welcome dIscuss.