What car insurance need to pay attention?

There are more and more Car owners, the question Is followed by maintenance, repair, insurance, etc. and all kinds of Cars about something. Today, we are concerned that thIs one Car insurance, Car insurance variety, how to choose one thing has become a headache for many owners. In fact, these three kinds of insurance direct buy, others are superfluous.

Is first necessary insurance to pay high insurance, its full name Is “ traffic accident liability compulsory insurance . ” ThIs Is all the owners have to buy an insurance, but it Is not recommended to only buy thIs one. ThIs Is because the insurance Is to have a minimum coverage of up to 110,000 payment when accidents, but it Is for many the situation Is more serious when it Is not enough.

Second, after buying the above pay compulsory insurance, but also buy a few hundred thousand or even a million third party liability insurance. third party liability insurance (referred to as liability insurance), full name: commercial third party liability insurance. ThIs Is primarily insurance damage somebody something, or someone else with the hit. ThIs can be a matter of personal circumstances to purchase insurance coverage, luxury Cars now on the road a lot, it Is recommended that you better.

The third Is the non-deductible insurance. The purpose of thIs insurance Is the payment amount should assume the owners, transferred to the insurance company. In general ordinary accident has a 20% to 30% of the odds, the most important Is that thIs insurance Is not expensive, Car owners best friends Dunong on.

Also, if a new Car, then still want to buy Car damage. If you drive a Car like a general, or just used to practice hand Car broken Car, it Is not necessary. If you have money wayward, you can buy all rIsks, oh.

No matter what kind of Car, the above-mentioned three types of insurance must buy Oh, how everyone’s Cars are insured with it?