What car insurance Is not deductible insurance Is? Insiders say must be clear, otherwIse white buy

Car insurance Is not deductible insurance what Is? Must be clear, I do not know on the White bought!

when we needed to pay the cost of buying a Car in addition to buying a Car, as well as insurance costs Is inevitable, whether it Is in fact Insurance Auto insurance or something else Is to prepare yourself for a guarantee, but the cost of insurance for many owners Is indeed not a small fee, so every year for these owners Is the cost of insurance can not pay Will not pay, and many people think that their driving skills are also not very good traffic accident what happened. Buy insurance but had to buy just in case.

in addition to the provIsions of the national Insurance insurance, you can also choose other types of insurance, such as third party liability insurance and vehicle damage insurance, etc., in addition to these more common outside, there Is something called excluding deductible insurance, insurance that you may have to look at, or there Will have to suffer, let’s look at the insurance expert staff Is how to explain it.

in general, there Is a secondary responsibility five percent deductible, the main responsibility, then there Is a third liability insurance deductible of 15 per cent caustic danger there percentile within 20 deductible, half of the responsibility Is ten percent deductible, the rest of the money Will have to pay for their own, if there Is no hurry deductible insurance, then, it Is one hundred percent, and that Is not their own money to pay the damages.

non-deductible insurance, as the name suggests Is all you need to bear in compensation by the insurance company, but get thIs payment Is one hundred percent certain conditions must be put first keyInsurance under one roof, hIs second non-operating vehicles can not change the operation of the Car, hIs driver’s license of the third divIsion can not be detained finIshed, difficult to determine responsibility for the accident after the fourth, fifth cause of the accident Is due to you He violated the traffic rules. If you violate thIs five-point basically can not get compensation. See here you get it? How do you think thIs kind of insurance do?