What car insurance in the “deductible insurance” Yes? Older drivers: clear all suffered a major loss!

In today’s society, with the development of the domestic economy’s soft power, many families are better off together, then some of the people in order to facilitate daily travel and your family, but also to buy the Cars that travel tool. But after the Car as the provIsions of national policy, owners Will buy as removing traffic compulsory insurance to insurance that the insurance must be purchased, but also buy some other insurance, but thIs time some of the white novice drivers Will be in sales under the recommendation, to buy a lot of insurance, Auto insurance and even some Car owners in the future can not necessarily travel on. It was like “deductible insurance” vehicle but also a kind of insurance do? What Car insurance in the “deductible insurance” Yes? Older drivers: clear all suffered a major loss!

In fact, our vehicle insurance Is divided into two categories, which in fact, to pay compulsory insurance Is mandatory country of purchase, if not buy thIs kind of insurance in the traffic police after the dIscovery, they Will face severe punIshment. Like that commercial insurance, the owner Is in the understanding of their own to buy, like wading insurance, three insurance and so on. That deductible insurance as mentioned above, the full name Is not deductible insurance, it Is a commercial insurance, additional insurance, mainly insurance “main rIsk” as a precondition, it can not be insured separately. In other words, etc. Owners and three complete purchase Car damage insurance, in order to buy non-deductible insurance!

and we all know when the vehicle payment, the insurance company for different insurance payments are also not the same, from the full responsibility to the corresponding provIsions of secondary liability provIsions deduct 5% -20% of the indemnity. That liability of the owner after purchasing a “deductible insurance” should be able to pass on their own in charge of the insurance company. As if in an accident, the repair costs of 1 million, the normal payment Is the insurance company to pay 8,000 yuan, the owners pay $ 2000, but if the owners then bought deductible insurance, it should pay their own $ 2000 now owned by the insurance company!

Of course, when thIs non-deductible insurance also failed, like when you can not clear responsibility for the accident, the owner of illegal or overloaded, frequently these situations can arIse, Insurance companies are able to determine that the failure of the insurance, the claims do not give! So we are not the owners of the sky because some of its bad thoughts, everyone in the daily travel or pay attention to safety! ThIs Is notYou know what a different view of it? ThIs Auto insurance to buy it?