What Car Insurance have? Which of the insurance necessary to buy the most? Not just to seek more!

What Insurance

Car there? Which of the insurance necessary to buy the most? Not just to seek more! Basically every Car insurance Is a necessity, and the new Car friends Will inevitably encounter thIs link to Car safety. But how to buy Auto insurance only cost-effective? What should buy and what you can not buy? How do not any guarantees in place wasting money? These problems may have been plaguing you, you want to know the answer? Private Car insurance commercial insurance according to whether the individual point of view, can be divided into basic insurance (ie, primary insurance) and additional insurance. In commercial insurance, the loss of vehicle insurance and third party liability insurance Is a basic insurance, but the whole Car pilfer, board officers liability insurance, glass breakage alone, spontaneous loss of insurance, excluding special insurance deductible and other additional rIsk Is that these additional insurance makes more comprehensive protection. Generally less additional rIsk premium, and its presence Is premIsed on the presence of the main rIsk, not from the main rIsk. In general, the loss of vehicle insurance and third party liability insurance belong to these two basic rIsks Will buy category, and necessary to protect its own security and vehicles.

1, strong insurance (per vehicle must buy). According to regulations of the country to pay high insurance Is a must buy insurance per years, when the responsibility of the tripartite compensation for property damages up to $ 2,000, three maximum compensation for medical expenses 10,000 yuan, the highest three-way death and dIsability compensation for 111,000 yuan. When no liability, property damage tripartite maximum compensation for a hundred dollars, the maximum compensation tripartite medical expenses of $ 1,000, the highest three-way death and dIsability compensation 11,000 yuan, did not buy to pay high insurance to pay high insurance Will double the punIshment of a fine. 2, board staff insurance. If you do not have to buy all rIsks, we recommend that you purchase a separate insurance board staff, after all, Is likely to hurt themselves as well as staff with the Car when the accident occurred, if seriously injured, medical expenses, there may be a huge expenditure, so alone buy Car insurance personnel Is very necessary.

3, Chapter III Liability insurance third party liability insurance refers to the insured person or allow the driver in an accident during the use of the insured vehicle , resulting in a third party suffers personal injury or damage to property directly, it should bear the financial responsibility according to the law by the insured, the insurance company liable. Simply means that in addition to your own Car and all persons on board, the other losses are within the scope of claims. Including pedestrians, vehicles and other kinds of property such as on the road. The proposed purchase.

These three types of insurance small series that Is most necessary types of Auto insurance purchase. There are many types of insurance such as scratches insurance, glass insurance, wading insurance, etc., these insurance amount Is not very high in among Auto insurance, but the real encounters things, claims can be also very useful, of course, whether to buy it by the the dIscretion of the owners. Small advice: If the owner Is a novice, it Is recommended to select Car damage liability insurance + + + daoqiangxian board officers liability insurance + non-deductible insurance. Because the probability of a variety of conditions appears novice certainly larger, so, in addition to the compulsory insurance of Auto insurance, it Is recommended Car damage insurance, liability insurance, the whole Car pilfer, non-deductible insurance, vehicle liability insurance and other insurance basic insurance Qi danger.