What car insurance, a year how much money?

First, What Is Car insurance?

Is a big deal to buy a Car, buy Car insurance after the Car has a more complex problem. Maybe you are what Car insurance Is a headache? how to buy? The next article that might be useful to you. First, understand the Car insurance category, have to pay high insurance, thIs Is the United States first imposed by the national law compulsory insurance system; loss of vehicle insurance, Is the loss that occurred in their own Car insurance company Will give you bear the loss; the third by liability insurance, vehicle insurance Is to indemnify themselves, then naturally it Is the third party to compensate others; as well as Car insurance personnel, the first three are related with Car insurance, then thIs one Is used to compensate people , thIs Car Is the guarantor of insurance personnel. These four types of insurance Will be able to meet all the basic requirements, there are a lot of dazzling Car insurance Is necessary to set out their actual needs.

Second, Auto insurance a year how much money?

a small price different insurance companies have different, if you can not choose to start from some well-known insurance brands. For example, the United States safe, the American people insurance, etc., may be appropriate to understand and then start. Vehicle insurance needs to be determined in accordance with the owner insured insurance and the ratio, the post Is generally one year amounts as follows:

1, strong insurance typically $ 950, but following the floating rate mechanIsm lowest decrease 30%;

2, glass breakage alone Is determined by differentiating the inlet and domestic;

3, to the vehicle liability insurances the maximum compensation limit Is determined for each person on board;

4, non-deductible insurance rate Is generally fixed;

5, Car damage insurance premiums and fixed models and determining the ratio of expenses;

6, Is determined by three insurance insured;

7 , pilfer determined by the ratio of cost models;

8, scratches insurance determined by the insured; Principles later

Third, Automobile insurance

for Car owners, Auto insurance Is essential, not only to help you ease the economic pressure, leaving you usually travel by Car more at ease in the time of the accident. So after buying Car insurance needs to do what? You naturally have to comply with the principle of buying Car insurance. Buy principle macro point of view Is: priority purchase full third party liability insurance, driver seat passenger liability insurance, caustic danger of deductible insurance; I purchase other insurance (pilfer, glass, spontaneous combustion, scratches insurance) combined their needs to buy. The main subject of the actual situation of each vehicle from the micro Is concerned, Is in doubt, can be queried and valuation in the major insurance companies official website.

still need to purchase Car insurance rational and capabilities, should not blindly buy too much or think they do not pay attention to natural. Of course, the most important thing Is to obey the traffic rules, safe travel, allowing you to me.