What can enjoy free car insurance benefits?

after private owners pay an annual Car insurance premiums, if the rIsk occurs throughout the year safe and sound, if insurance does not work? In fact, Car insurance and to assume responsibility for the accident, you can also enjoy additional free benefits. Small series with the majority of private owners who have gathered to share with you, what are the benefits for free.

can enjoy free oil delivery service.

private owners of the general condition Is not very familiar with, if they run out of gas when private Cars can not travel, you can call the insurance company, requesting free to send oil services; private owners, they take the cost of gasoline on it. Add water to service the same.

can enjoy a free add water services.

private owners, especially young ladies, for coolant condition the Car Is not very understanding. Once the Car hit the coolant boiling water tank failure cause, you can directly call the insurance company, plus free water service request. ThIs service Is necessary, because if other rescue services companies need to pay high service fees.

can enjoy free trailer rescue. Opportunity

private Car travel process, the need still exIsts rescue trailer. Unexplained when the vehicle broke down, you can contact the insurance company directly; as long as within the range of 100 km, the insurance companies to provide free trailers rescue. Towing companies so as to avoid the high cost of the trailer.

also enjoy free fast repair service.

ThIs free fast repair service may be a lot less private Car owners know, very practical. If a glitch occurs in private Car use, causing the Car to strike, and simple maintenance, replacement parts, insurance companies may request support. For example: the battery change, to change a tire and the like.

Careless driving crane service required.

just to test if a driver’s license soon, driving technology Is not very skilled, Car accidentally fell into a roadside ravine, you can call the insurance company directly to request a free cable Car service. Although the chances of such a relatively small, the event can be avoided by locals hit kill.

may also request free annual service on hIs behalf.

From the very vehicle inspection testing sites, most of them have business cooperation with insurance companies. Cooperation with the business of an insurance company, we can provide customers with free annual inspection Car service, and on behalf of vehicle inspection services, as well as the opportunity to provide VIP access. ThIs busy not own inspection of the riders, Is really very necessary.