What are the cost of car insurance how to buy? After reading thIs all understand

a lot of people for the first time to buy a Car, Car insurance do not understand, then the salesman said what can only lIsten, muddle to buy insurance. A wide range of Car insurance, hundreds of thousands of Cars, buy the whole advantageous thousands of dollars to spend big. For the average family, it Is not a small sum of money.

In fact, the first year of the new Car novice, buy all rIsks or necessary, after all, spend money to buy rest assured, for the novice, more good than harm. But anyway, we still have to understand familiar with a variety of Car insurance, be aware of the second year, when you can comfortably buy according to need, less money to buy the necessary useful insurance.

Car insurance Is divided into two categories, to pay high insurance and commercial insurance. Traffic Insurance mandatory fixed by the state, every vehicle owner must buy every year, while commercial insurance, the owner can according to their needs, choose to buy insurance. There are many commercial rIsk insurance: Car damage insurance, three insurance, non-deductible insurance, vehicle liability insurance, other insurance (pilfer, glass breakage, natural damage insurance, had no liability insurance, body scratches insurance, involving marine insurance).

1, to pay high insurance

to pay high insurance stands for “compulsory traffic accident liability insurance” of mother defined it thIs way: the insurance company caused to the insured motor vehicle road traffic accidents victims (not including the vehicle and the insured person) personal injury, property damage, be compensated in the mandatory liability insurance liability limit .

that were so, to pay high insurance Is mandatory for each country the owners have to buy insurance, the insurance Is not their own compensation, but compensation for other personal and property losses. For example, the owner of Car accidents, resulting in the loss of the other party (the loss of personnel, vehicle damage, property damage), regardless of responsibility no responsibility, the owner can use thIs to pay high insurance to compensate the other party.

to pay high insurance costs, first year fixed home 6 950 yuan / year, home six and more than 1100 yuan / year, next year there Is the number of accidents based on the first year of the occurrence, up 10% per occurrence, cumulative.

to pay high insurance compensation in the amount of the other, there Is a limit, death and dIsability compensationLimit, the owner has the responsibility up to pay 110,000 no responsibility up to pay 11 000; medical expenses compensation limit, the owner has the responsibility up to pay 10 000, no responsibility up to pay 01 000; property loss, the owner has the responsibility up to pay 02 000, but no responsibility to pay up to 00,100.

2, caustic danger

loss of vehicle insurance to protect their vehicle insurance loss. Whether it Is a small scratch small rub, or serious damage, repair costs can be paid by the insurance company.

= basic cost of caustic danger premium rate × + naked Car prices, as well as future payments as previously illegal situation, floating.

Of course, some people do not want to buy caustic danger, because: first, the old driver, good driving skills, relatively few accidents. Second, aging vehicles or low-cost Car, small enough for everyday scrapped repaired. Third, save money, accounting for a large proportion of Car damage insurance premiums. The third year of insurance, premiums rIse again next year, it Is not worth so many people after the Car damage, if small friction, not insurance policies, a few hundred pieces to repair themselves, lest the second year up premiums.

3, three insurance

three insurance, third party liability before the full name refers to their Car accidents happen by themselves or allow their own people to drive, hit other Cars or people, causing direct losses suffered other third party personal injury or property, according to the contract of insurance companies to help their own expense, to indemnify a third party .

three insurance, etc. generally have 5,10,20,50,100 Wan claim paid premiums by low to high.

4, non-deductible insurance

non-deductible insurance premIse Is to buy a Car damage and three insurance, then responsible for compensation deductible amount in caustic danger and third party liability insurance shall be borne by the insured themselves, that Is 100% paid.

how to understand it? You buy a Car damage and three insurance, accident, to compensate the time, under different circumstances, insurance companies only pay part of, there are still some needs its own money, but if you do not buy thIsDeductible insurance, all compensation for by the insurance company to pay out of their own do not spend money.

5, board officers liability insurance

insured vehicle accidents resulting in casualties driver or passengers on board the cost of losses, as well as the necessary and reasonable in order to reduce the loss of rescue and paid protection fees, the insurance company liable for compensation.

to pay attention, to pay high insurance, three insurance compensation are each other’s vehicles and personnel, own Car drivers and passengers, are not compensable. And thIs board officers liability insurance Is compensation for hIs Car drivers and passengers. It Is a supplement to pay high insurance, three insurance.

6, other types of insurance

natural loss insurance: due to the vehicle electronics, wiring, fuel system failure cause of the fire itself and the Carriage of Cargo loss of the vehicle itself.

no over liability: that Is driving, and non-motorized vehicle or pedestrian accident, causing the other people and property be considered, but the accident was due to other responsibilities caused, I have no responsibility, but the insurer refused to compensate unsuccessful, the insurer has to pay to the other party can not recover from the insurance company to pay compensation.

pilfer, glass breakage, body scratches insurance, wading insurance, these types of insurance, as the name suggests, we all know what it means. Not explained in detail here.

baby elephant recommend:

opponents novice new Car, new Car insurance, general 4S stores Will let you buy full insurance, business income and thIs Is one of the 4S shop. It recommends that riders do not understand Auto insurance, new Cars in the first year, in the 4S shop to buy full insurance, after all, a novice new Car, buy a full insurance, in case of an accident, there are all rIsks in my heart do not panic.

In a second, I would not have to buy all rIsks silly, especially pilfer, glass breakage, body scratches insurance, insurance and other wading, basically a waste of money. It suggests that in addition to purchase insurance to pay strong outside, buy Car damage insurance, three insurance, non-deductible insurance, vehicle liability insurance canA. Of course, some older drivers are confident of their own technology, or very old Car, hit a repair Is substantially equal to buying a new Car, you can not buy that Car damage.

Some owners only buy to pay high insurance, others do not buy commercial insurance, which Is equal streaking out of trouble, basically their own pay, of course, not bad money, the owners are free to . Baby elephant Is recommended, usually the owners, in addition to buying insurance to pay strong, need to buy three insurance, non-deductible insurance, vehicle liability insurance, as Car damage, according to their own circumstances.