What are car insurance coverage? How should a reasonable choice? Read you Will understand

For now everyone Is familiar with the Car, it can be said almost every family has had their own Car. We often say “buying a Car easy to keep a Car difficult,” which refers to the Car after various expenses, such as fuel money, maintenance costs, vehicle insurance. Today small for everyone to talk about the main topic of Auto insurance, many new owners to buy Auto insurance if not clear.

a lot of new owners, to understand how to buy Car insurance Is relatively small, confused. It Is easy to buy a lot of insurance Is not suitable for presentation in under insurance salesman, resulting in more spending in thIs area, many new Car owners in the first year of purchase are all rIsks. So what are the insurance vehicle insurance? And what Is required to purchase it?

insurance may simply divided into two parts, the first part Is strong insurance, the second portion Is a commercial insurance.

We’ll give you briefly about the Traffic Insurance. “Compulsory traffic accident liability insurance” Is to pay high insurance full name, thIs Is a must buy insurance, but also the most basic mandatory liability insurance. If you do not purchase insurance to pay strong, there Is no way to handle the Cards, accounts, annual inspection. So thIs insurance would not tangle, and buy on line! To pay high insurance premiums Is a unified national standard charges, but different vehicle models need to pay the price to pay high insurance Is not the same, thIs mainly due to the purchase of vehicles affect the number of seats.

let us worry when insurance Is commercial insurance, commercial insurance because the classification Is more, relatively thin, if not in advance to find out about, maybe even the use of certain types of insurance are confused, let alone how to give yourself a reasonable mix of commercial insurance. Business rIsks include basic insurance and additional insurance two parts. The basic insurance Is divided into loss of vehicle insurance (vehicle damage) and third party liability insurance, the whole Car pilfer (pilfer), board officers liability insurance (liability insurance driver and passenger liability insurance). There are some additional rIsks, such as has often referred to non-deductible, scratches insurance, glass insurance, insurance spontaneous combustion vehicles, insurance and other wading. The need for everyone to be noted that in addition to non-deductible individual Is insured, others are required to purchase basic insurance to insure additional rIsks corresponding to the.

loss of vehicle insurance, thIs Is one of the basic insurance must buy, but also the highest probability used. Car damage insurance as the name suggests Is to deal with their own vehicle damage occurred in the accident and paying self-responsibility in their own vehicle maintenance costs and settings. In theory, as long as driving down the road, even if you no matter how good driving skills, and sometimes inevitably rubs or collIsion. Especially for new Car new Car, the insurance becomes more important. If you choose when buying a Car loan to buy financial institutions Will require the cooperation of the lenders Will have to buy thIs for you. Remind you: Car damage insurance Is only hIs Car, but not the grantor.

third party liability insurance, thIs relatively caustic danger, it Is paid to the other side, that Is also the guarantor and guarantee thereof. Some people may feel that their Car has been worthless, but their high driving skills, but choose not to purchase Car damage, but the third party Is essential that everyone Will buy. Because too many rich people now, full of luxury Cars on the road, if you own a Careless, hit, did not buy the three that you may even your families are relatively big trouble. Also I suggest that you, if conditions permit, it Is best to buy 1 million or more of the amount, which Is more of a guarantee of their own.

daoqiangxian vehicles and vehicle liability insurance, the main fact of thIs proposal Is Yuan vehicle pilfer can not buy, because the basic who have not heard the Car make stole the whole thing happened, lost a tire and insurance companies are not given claim. Officers liability insurance can choose to buy thIs insurance to buy a standard amount of compensation, the insurance price Is relatively low, not too tangled.

additional non-deductible insurance Is recommended Will buy, because usually have 15% or 20% of the insurance deductible in terms of years, that Is, said that some insurance companies do not pay, we need out of their own, but if you buy non-deductible, Is that all the costs are borne entirely by the insurance company. Other additional rIsks, we recommend you to choose according to their actual situation, such as spontaneous loss of insurance, thIs usually does not require a new Car Is purchased.

Finally, to emphasize that everyone,That Is, no matter what the premIse of insurance Is used under normal driving to take effect. If there are drunk driving and other illegal activities, even if you buy full insurance, the insurance company Is not giving any claim. Insurance Is just in case the final analysIs, it Is necessary with a good Auto insurance based on the actual situation. In fact, driving down the road, drive Carefully, then said the best insurance. Give us today to talk here about the Auto insurance if you ever have any questions, welcome attention to me and give me a message interaction.