Want to buy auto insurance all rIsks? Only buy three Is enough, others are a waste of money

at thIs stage of Car insurance can be said that a wide range of more to numerous dazzling. For the average Car owners, where I would understand that professional insurance knowledge. Especially in the Car, through the 4S shop salesman or an insurance salesman meal torrent of sell, not buy what sounds like Will not work. So really the case? Want to buy Auto insurance all rIsks? Buy only those three Is enough, others are a waste of money.

First, strong insurance

by literally you also we know that such insurance Is mandatory every Car to buy, not negotiable. And the cost of such insurance Is the uniform to be charged by the state standard charge. But not all models are the same, should be measured according to the size of the Car. Traffic Insurance certainly have to buy, otherwIse you drove off the road hit by traffic police, traffic police have the right to impound your vehicle.

and to pay a fine of twice the cost of insurance, ordinary five home Cars, for example, if you do not purchase insurance to pay strong punIshable by a fine of 1900 yuan. After purchasing pay high insurance, Will give a traffic compulsory insurance sticker to identify the owner, the point to note Is that the label affixed to the front windshield needs of the windows, if not paste or paste did not seek, the traffic police department Will take owners 1 point deduction and a fine of $ 200 penalty.

Second, third party liability insurance

After you purchase to pay high insurance, must buy a few hundred thousand or even 1 million third party liability insurance. Third party liability insurance (referred to as liability insurance), full name: commercial third party liability insurance. The third commercial liability insurance, the main function Is bashed somebody something, or hit someone with!

third party liability insurance Is recommended to purchase a total of seven grades, in turn have 5,10,15,20,30,50,100 million, of course, there are more than 1 million, but the maximum cap of 50 million yuan(CNY)(CNY). The proportion of compensation for third party liability insurance, wholeResponsible for 80 percent, 85 percent of primary responsibility, secondary liability 90 percent, not 100 percent responsibility.

Here we recommend the purchase of three insurance of $ 1 million, because now people are getting better and better living conditions, more and more luxury Cars, Wan What a bad luck to have a small knock a small touch, but also very cost a lot of money.

Third, non-deductible insurance

Is not added to the other deductible , can not exIst on commercial lines. Under normal circumstances, if there Is an accident, the insurance company paid not 100% sure, have any commercial insurance deductible portion of a deductible of 15% to 30%, that Is, there Is no non-deductible portion of that have their own pay. Buy non-deductible, and some insurance may be paid 100%, there Is definitely some insurance deductible. Not much money, do not save.

more than three insured, you can basically solve our common compensation for general driving, but compared to buying all rIsks, but also save a lot of money.