Vehicle purchase full insurance, the insurance company now lost? impossible!

Do not be afraid, though rest assured to open my Car to buy full insurance, so long as people do not like trouble, the big deal Is to find an insurance company to repair, compensation on it! When you just take when the driver’s license, the driver drove the old Car on the road, have not heard of something like thIs, then what? when I heard said many old driver pulled over to the novice, but also to the main Zhuangzhuang Dan to the novice, novice driver friend early familiar with the vehicle, drive the vehicle can remain unbiased. But today I do not say the novice driver, let’s talk about thIs Car all rIsks, if we bought all rIsks, then the vehicle to the final settlement of claims Is how the situation Is like.

First, let’s first talk about thIs all-rIsk vehicle which includes vehicle insurance company official said that the general market all rIsks include: Traffic Insurance, caustic danger, business three insurance, vehicle liability insurance, pilfer, scratches insurance, glass breakage insurance alone, non-deductible insurance, a total of nine spontaneous combustion rIsk insurance. Of course, thIs Is the insurance company’s general statement, we are in the Car after the 4S shop, 4S shop said sales of all rIsks Is not generally refer to these, Will also include wading insurance, could not find a third-party special insurance, no-fault liability insurance, new equipment damage insurance, etc., may also contain some special insurance for the Car, so we need to make sure the insurance Is to check the corresponding insurance. After

again, we bought all rIsks, Is not free to drive, if accidents do not Care what happens, the insurance company Will compensate all it Is not trying to say when the insurance company propaganda as xxx to buy Auto insurance, nothing to us, peace of mind to wait for the claim can it? real accurate answer of course Is no, certainly not what are Quanpei and things need to deal really Is small.

That sense of how can we buy all rIsks in it? First, we need to be clear, and now some mainstream big insurance companies are lIsted companies, the firm size Is great, not low annual turnover, and Is growing year after year. Although thIs one Is not the only Auto insurance thIs one, also it includes many other types of insurance in, but the Auto insurance business still accounts for a large insurance company of a business. Then I would know the insurance company must be profitable, because, after all, still the minority claims.Let’s take a look at the specific terms of insurance and claims matters must be noted that, overall look at the significance of thIs vehicle all rIsks it!

directly for the insurance company Terms deductible, the insurance company’s deductible rules clearly understood, we understood Why we bought all rIsks, but not the corresponding claims.

Auto insurance deductible provIsions, liability exemption clause Is when Auto insurance claims, refers specifically required by law or contract, Is resulting in a corresponding vehicle traffic accident insurance because they do not belong to the insurance contract accidents, including thIs Car casualties, property damage and even third-party casualties, property damage, the insurance company Will not bear any responsibility of insurance claims.

Is more and more details, simply means that the driver illegal, Is not obtaining a driving license, driver’s license was detained, driver’s license expired, lost, in a word that Is driving without a license and driving with a driver’s license does not match the model. Also includes drinking, taking psychotropic drugs, etc. These driving accident, the insurance company refused to pay compensation.

Then there are the illegal vehicle, the vehicle without a valid driving license and a license, expired without the required no inspection or test did not pass, which Is the vehicle to be incomplete, does not have the legal situation of the road condition, the insurance company also refused to pay compensation.

more than just insurance companies do not pay, we also recognize their own prior violation of law, does not comply with the terms of the compensation.

then the following situations you need to pay more attention:

If an accident occurs in the vehicle fee parking lot or garage, including the situation testing, maintenance and other accidents, the insurance company Is also the exclusions! normal vehicle to buy insurance exclusions Why? because vehicle accidents occur in parking fees, responsibility Is generally responsible for compensation to the Car park, of course, here it refers to the case of unilateral accident, that Is, their own Car or cut rub accident. If it Is madeStudents sides accident or parties of the accident, the insurance company Will be justified in refusing to compensate a part of, handed over to the parking lot to compensate.

The same situation, if an accident occurs in a place like repair shop, testing workshop, and also a repair shop or workshop to be responsible for compensation, the good News Is that the company Will not be liable to pay compensation . So when we put the vehicle delivered to the repair shop for maintenance or testing, or to a lot of attention, do remind all aspects of vehicle inspection before delivery, the appearance of special equipment inspection, the situation Is not so clear to avoid accidents occur . Insurance does not pay, does not pay the repair shop or workshop.

Finally, to talk about the vehicle pilfer understanding, generally if a vehicle Is pledged loans, lending institutions or banks Will be asked to buy pilfer, thIs time we should note that at thIs time the vehicle the beneficiary Is stolen emergency lending institution or bank, not the owner himself. Needless to say thIs Is that after the vehicle Is stolen, the insurance company claims, Is to compensate the lender or the bank, the owner Is no compensation.

then there Is no collateral loans to buy vehicles, buy pilfer Is not driving do not worry throw things? In fact, Is not the case, if it Is placed the Car lost things are not lost, even if it Is expensive goods, Is not compensable. It also includes tire lost, lost an engine and other parts of the loss Is not lost, windows, frames, lost also not lose.

then pilfer what compensation it? Only one case, that Is, if your whole Car was stolen or robbed the people, the insurance company only compensation, but nor the compensation immediately, but after the insured vehicle was robbery 60 days, the insurance company Will be in accordance with the relevant provIsions of the insurance contract, the actual amount of the dangerous condition of the insurance compensation Is the actual value of insured vehicles.

There Is also a special case of exclusions, Is excluded four kinds of people: the insurer, the insured, the accident occurred when the driver of the vehicle and their family members, are family members of the insured. If an accident occurs between family members, the insurance company Is not compensable.

In fact, every insurance Will have a corresponding insurance deductible in ourBuy Auto insurance when the insurance company salespeople are very enthusiastic, but by the time the claims are in accordance with the terms of the insurance contract come. When we buy Auto insurance, the introduction of a small part of the time lIstening to the salesman, we still have to Carefully view the terms of the contract, in particular the deductible, the terms of exclusions. After signing the contract purchase, only to find that the claims are deductible, he regretted it.