Vehicle insurance which insurance Is a must buy? Which Is no need to waste money?

to buy vehicle insurance has always been an important event for Car owners keep a Car a Car, choose the insurance company to buy insurance against future claims, and so much more convenient payment amount Will be, nowadays a wide range of insurance coverage, accidentally it Will be spent odds, or when needed only to find no purchase-related insurance, then thIs article Xiao Bian gave you that Car insurance must buy insurance under explain, what there Is no need to waste money!

a, have to buy

strong insurance, travel tax:

to pay high insurance stands for “compulsory traffic accident liability insurance”, insurance companies are victims of traffic accidents occur on the road by the insured vehicle (not including the vehicle and the insured person) personal injury, property damage, be compensated within the liability limit mandatory liability insurance.

to pay high insurance Is the United States first imposed by the national law compulsory insurance system. Premiums are unified national fee standards prescribed by the state. (Usually 6 or less in the first year $ 950 seven 1100 yuan)

The two state laws and regulations Is mandatory to buy, not buy traffic compulsory insurance Is not allowed to hit the road Oh! And if not purchased insurance to pay strong, but also pass the test of the vehicles examined (required to submit annual cross-strong insurance policy)! So thIs must buy, not negotiable!

to pay high insurance dIscounts algorithm, not a traffic accident last year, 10% off the cost of thIs year, two years Is not a traffic accident, the costs hit 20% thIs year, and so on, Qizhe. Conversely, if there Is a traffic accident last year, the cost of thIs year rose by 10% or 11% off, and so on!

to pay high insurance maximum payment amount: third-party property damage Car 2000, medical costs 10,000 injuries, death, dIsability benefits 110,000 yuan. As long as the responsibility in traffic accidents, the need to pay high insurance payment in full within the limits of the section, and the gap continues to payment by commercial insurance.

third party liability:

referred to as liability insurance, full name: commercial third party liability insurance. Refers to the accident insurer Is allowed to occur driver qualified in the use of the insured vehicle during a third party resulting in direct losses were suffered personal injury or property, the amount of compensation which shall be paid by the insured, the insurer Will follow the relevant provIsions of the insurance contract compensation. Meanwhile, if the insurance company by written consent, arbitration or litigation costs are therefore occurrence of an insured person, shall be borne by the insurance company. The insurance Is to protect the main road traffic accident victims obtain prompt and effective compensation for third party insurance. But the aftermath of the accident produced, responsible for processing by the insured. Insurance companies Will be outside the limits of liability for compensation, but not exceeding 30% of the limits of liability.

always found Car collIsion collIsion collIsion, sometimes do not hit others, there may be others hit over. From the beginning, when we learned that people genuinely occur injury, death accident, medical expenses to pay high insurance ten thousand, one hundred and ten thousand deaths dIsability Is very likely not enough, so be sure to purchase third-party liability insurance, have to buy.

And now, not to mention what hit luxury Car Bentley, Rolls Royce or death and the like, as long as there people injured, the payment Will easily hundreds of thousands , so in order to get better protection in order to avoid rIsks, the proposed purchase of the sum insured 1 million and more appropriate than 500,000 with one million premium gap Is generally around 500 yuan.

Car damage:

Car damage means the insured person or allow the driver during driving the damage caused by the insured vehicle, the insurance company for compensation within a reasonable range of commercial insurance of an Automobile insurance accident occurred when the insured vehicle.

Mentioned above are paid someone else, say so now paid hIs Car caustic danger of loss Is thIs.

especially novice driver drove Well friends, sometimes poor road conditions, dIstracted, or did not pay attention, scratching can not always be avoided, sometimes God does not make US, hail smashed. They Will be able to reflect the role of caustic danger. So thIs Is still to be purchased. (Except for natural dIsasters in the earthquake) Is generally the amount paid Is to see you thIsValuation vehicle yo! And the more expensive premium vehicles more expensive Oh!

non-deductible insurance:

The insurance many of my friends do not understand or have mIsunderstood, generally non-deductible refers to the vehicle insurance Is not deductible insurance: additional insurance Is a business insurance (or Car damage liability insurance) Is. As a non-deductible insurance additional rIsk, need to be insured “primary rIsk” Is insured preconditions may not be arranged separately, which generally refers to the insurance “by special agreement, after the accident, in a corresponding main insured insurance provIsions of the franchIse calculation shall be borne by the insured portion of the deductible amount, the insurance company Will be responsible for compensation within the limits of liability. ”

If the translation Is not an adult, then buy thIs insurance, if the loss caused by the accident occurred, and 5% to 20% Is borne by the owners, and the rest Is borne by the insurance company. If you buy thIs accident insurance Is 100% losses borne by the insurance company (within the insured amount). .

two recommendations to buy insurance

driver liability insurance: Also known as: seat insurance, vehicle liability insurance , insurance and passengers, including the driver’s seat and the passenger seat, mainly refers to the case in the event of an accident, the insurance company for the safety of personnel and the driver’s seat of the passenger compensation.

generally cost drivers $ 35, passengers $ 20, paid the amount of 1-10 million. Xiao Bian also proposed purchase of yo, after all, on their own, also a passenger protection. .

does not require three basic insurance (selected as desired)

the individual rIsk of breakage of glass: the name suggests Is a separate a broken Car glass, such as high-speed or high-altitude parabolic front of the Car when gravel or falling objects flying over smashed glass and other circumstances causing only broken! Here we should note, only, resulting in broken glass alone have paid if the rest of the Car hit bounced involves payment of glass Is not! So relatively pit, it not recommended to buy!

wading insurance:ThIs rIsk Is the most Bluff, only for engine flooding, other Car damage, loss of property inside the Car Is not paid.

If the Car was flooded, the insurance company found that secondary ignition Is not paid, oh (no ignition how I know it’s bad), so no need to buy!

spontaneous combustion rIsk: that Is, when the Car spontaneous combustion of the debts, but I believe the situation the Car spontaneous combustion of a lot of drivers have witnessed estimates are not, and now the Car almost zero chance of spontaneous combustion quality. In fact, thIs Is actually your insurance Is not expensive, and if the Car opened more than three years for fear fear the aging can also choose to buy, but the Car really spontaneous combustion, Is really a quality problem, in fact, should first look for vendors to solve, buy a little here belong to repeat a.

aspects of the insurance company Is mainly paid relatively harsh terms, cause of the fire Is unknown, the modified line, illegal operations, illegal intent, during maintenance, not examined, and so are not I would have paid Oh! Tell me what you saw again after master at their dIscretion.

vehicle grab theft insurance: here we should pay attention to thIs “vehicle”, meaning that thIs whole Car insurance you need to have to be robbed, theft gone before payment, rather than inside the vehicles or vehicle parts Will be paid stole yo! With the chance to improve laws and regulations, vehicle theft Is lower than the chance of buying the lottery prize. So basically belong to a waste of money!

scratches insurance: ThIs Is not to say, body scratches Car accident where damage has been included, if the branches, nails, unknown to draw items only need thIs insurance, and now the Car Is not so delicate, but most of us open Is not a superCar, super-luxury Cars, so there Is no need to buy!

In summary: cross-strong, third party, Car damage, Is not deductible Is that we need to focus on and buy, after all, Is their own and other a human basic protection. Other types of insurance please Tell me what you master the dIscretion! Under

preferential policies on commercial insurance dIscount for each insurance company Is different, most of the year only one chance (not exceeding the sum insured 80%) do not affect thIs caseDIscount-year, second-year general 30% off. Specifically to the insurance company shall prevail!

Well, the Car dry goods share to give you thIs, we next goodbye.

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