Vehicle insurance, where the most appropriate? 4s store or repair shop? In fact, it Is not!

at the time of the vehicle insurance Is purchased in 4s or repair shop to buy it? I believe many of my friends have encountered such confusion! Whenever the insurance Is about to expire, there Is always a wide variety of telephone solicitation you buy insurance. In addition to insurance companies, often there are various repair shop and 4s shops to call you, really take the trouble to say! Then we chat together that where insurance Is better thIs question!

as a practitioner of the Automotive industry, I believe we can explore where the insured vehicle in the most appropriate question!

In fact, insurance purpose Is simply to prevent accidents when more than to make your own bear greater losses, but also to small knock a small touch nothing, if met luxury Cars may have to go bankrupt! In thIs consideration! Insurance Is to improve their ability to resIst rIsks!

so the question Is, where to buy the most suitable of insurance it! In fact, as long as the insurance Is purchased through formal channels are purchasing insurance company’s services, but different channels, as the main title puts it, buy insurance in the repair shop, and buy insurance in the 4S shop, in fact, essentially the same ! With these two channels to purchase insurance Is also no different! Once the dangerous condition by the insurance company paid! 4s shop and repair shop and have no relationship!

Why, then, would appear 4S shops and repair shop Will invite customers to purchase insurance does, which had said that the interests of their relationship, first of all, through cooperation and repair shop 4S shop, Insurance companies broaden business channels, improve performance amount! The 4S shops and repair shop holds a lot ofOwner information, can be said to be accurate information! The insurance company did not lose, while the repair shop for it, not a single transaction, the insurance company Will give a commIssion equivalent to a supplementary service in addition to maintenance! Also part of the profits, but more importantly! Insurance companies Will give you a certain amount of repair according to the business of insurance, which means that the number of Car accident repair, it depends on how much insurance companies to provide the resources to repair! For the cooperation between the two, it turns out to be a kill two birds with one stone!

However, for our ordinary owners, how much difference does it make, the answer Is no difference! But often repair shop and 4S shop for set-off, Will play some of the gimmicks, such as cash back or send maintenance like to attract customers! In fact, it Is just routine it! Or out of sheep wool!