Vehicle insurance program so much, what Is certain to be on?

happily when you get that bike Car when their own name, the first question and was followed by insurance, although a lot of time to put a new Car 4S stores Will force consumers insurance in the shop, and even some of the loans to buy vehicles mandatory Auto insurance project, however, have to buy the insurance year after year, when you have the right to self-purchase Auto insurance, it also should give more consideration to consider for their Car and hIs wallet .

million for three responsible in the end how much Is enough to buy?

three responsible Is actually a third-party liability insurance. When we collide or scratch on the road with other vehicles, first, to be paid by the compulsory traffic insurance, commercial insurance and the rest Will need to be paid after the Traffic Insurance payment! Therefore, the insurance company provides a number of insurance coverage available to third parties. In general, divided into 200,000, 300,000, 500,000 and 1,000,000, looking more and more street luxury brand models and large cities increasingly rare millions of luxury Cars, a lot of people in 500 000 or 100 Miles made difficult.

In fact, you can play a very simple example, if you want to buy something needs 300 dollars, and you have 500 in hIs pocket, thIs time you Will be very refreshing to pay, but if you are only 280 in hIs pocket, and sent it 20, you’ll screenwriters. Liability insurance Is the same reason, one million of the three responsible must be assured yourself of a lot more than three responsibilities 500,000, and according to the insurance company’s accounting methods, usually the difference between the two Is that a few hundred dollars, ordinary household level models of the premium price difference may be only a 300 dollars. Spend a few hundred pieces to buy insurance, for most people, it Is also acceptable.

non-deductible insurance necessary?

sorrowful lesson, too have! then editor that ignorance, sent hIs own Car lent to tease out college roommate sIster (though Is not what a luxury Car, but that time may have a Car that looks worse than the average university student some of it),

The next day heard him say accidentally knocked the rearview mirror, the back door was also hung out a long sCar. I was really ignorant (bi), driving school did not teach me so in dealing with incidents ah …

no recourse but to fight back with bleeding heart, he said the insurance was supposed to comfort You can lose, and then while Baidu insurance while playing on the phone.

Later Insurance Although lost, but found hundreds of pieces of difference, went to consult with the insurance company to assess the damage between the price of 4S, learned that Daddy did not buy non-deductible insurance, insurance companies only pay 85%.

ThIs seems nothing with.

those bits and pieces of small projects that require it?

In addition to the basic types of insurance, the major insurance companies now also introduced a lot of Auto insurance small projects, what scratches insurance, glass insurance, wading insurance the Car insurance …… see people who know what to do.

In fact, thIs project Is a small precIsion strike everyone’s various concerns exIst, but also add a few money, not bought, they feel a little bit Rest assured that everything Is afraid of ten thousand afraid of the event, and who also said that bad what Will happen next.

But in fact, for these small projects, small suggestion Is reasonable to consider their environment and Car parking environment. Popular point Is that you are in the city, if not even a rainy season, wading insurance money used to show love not you? You do not need a cell has a fixed parking spaces are parked in unattended roadside night, the glass was unlikely to hit it?

arrived in the hands of the new Car you really can not wait 24 hours to leave their Car one day, but a reasonable choice of insurance can not only protect their legitimate rights and interests, but also save your wallet.

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