Vehicle insurance how to buy the best deal

vehicle insurance by definition Is the owner of the vehicle insurance protection, especially after the dangerous condition of the vehicle, Will bear a lot of unnecessary expenses for the owners. But now the face of a dazzling variety of vehicle insurance, what kind of insurance must be purchased, while those of insurance may be unnecessary to buy, when to buy insurance, of course, Is the eyes of the beholder wIse see wIsdom. Let’s sort out what Is necessary to purchase the insurance, who may not need to buy, how to buy the most cost-effective.

The most common vehicle insurance are the following:

1, to pay high insurance

to pay high insurance Is required to pay, and it Is Carried out by national law compulsory insurance system. And a lot of people to define pay high insurance Is still relatively vague, in fact, be summed up simply to pay high insurance Is the insurance company by the accident caused by the owners themselves, the loss of the other kind of insurance. Simple analogy: you hit hIs Car, to pay high insurance within the scope of compensation, compensation to hit people.

2, loss of vehicle insurance

loss of vehicle insurance Is also known as caustic danger, caustic danger Is to give a quick overview of your own customized vehicle Insurance. Especially the occurrence of a vehicle accident or scratch, thIs time need to repair my vehicle owners, the Car damage thIs time to “play” a role, as long as insurance policies at the time of repair, vehicle repair costs are fully covered by insurance undertook.

unless they do not love their own vehicles, or quite confident of their driving skills, may not need to buy. Since ancient times, but the Americans have a Reminders: afraid of ten thousand afraid of the event. So you want to buy caustic danger, but the amount you can buy according to their own personal circumstances, you can also negotiate the purchase and insurance companies, with particular attention when the vehicle Is involved in an accident, the insurance company must be timely, top priority.

3, third party liability insurance

third party liability insurance, look at the words you know, the main compensation Is a kind of insurance of others . So many people wonder, Is to pay high insurance compensation for others, Why buy third party liability insurance it? Third party liability insuranceIt can be said to pay high insurance supplement insurance, as we all know, to pay high insurance compensation amount Is limited, and third party liability insurance Is to increase the amount of compensation a commercial insurance, the purpose Is to later escape from danger allow insurance companies more than the compensation point themselves bear a little less.

vehicle insurance

especially now in thIs society, as long as the accident we Will need a lot of money as a basIs . Basic medical insurance costs and the cost of Care leave alone, if it Is causing death, compensation Is often not an ordinary family can afford. So buy third party liability insurance Is a necessity.

4, excluding special insurance deductible

non-deductible insurance Is also possible to buy, but non-deductible insurance required in the process of the loss of vehicle insurance and third party liability insurance before they can buy. Non-deductible insurance Is a better kind of insurance, since damage insurance and third party liability insurance aspects of the vehicle when the vehicle damage occurred, all from the insurance company for compensation.


But if you do not buy non-deductible insurance, then the insurance company when the loss in compensation for Car damage insurance and third party liability insurance range Is to dIstinguIsh responsibility. For example, the individual Is the full responsibility, then the insurance company takes 80% of the responsibility, the responsibility of the remaining 20% ​​the responsibility of the owners, that Is, compensation of $ 100, then the insurance company out of $ 80, $ 20 on individual needs. But to buy non-deductible insurance, then all the costs borne by the insurance companies, individuals do not need to bear.

5, other general safety

the entire vehicle pilfer, scratches insurance, fault liability insurance, glass breakage alone, loss of equipment insurance, spontaneous loss of insurance, and so on. The rIsk for the average person, there Is no need to buy. Because for most people, vehicles on their own home where no one would go to theft, after all, the law and order there Is no doubt.

For scratches insurance and glass insurance, as long as the vehicle stop rules, where the glass does not substantially scratch or break occurs. Besides scratches insurance and insurance amounts glass Is not too high, in fact, Carefully calculate their own expense to repair than notHow much money, but still have to pay part of the cost of the insurance, for an ordinary family Car, it Is not necessary.

In summary therefore, must recommend to buy: pay compulsory insurance, third party liability insurance, non-deductible insurance, Car damage.

unnecessary to buy: scratches insurance, glass insurance, insurance and the like spontaneous combustion. Unless the Car Is more expensive vehicles or valuable, you can consider buying such insurance, after all, expensive vehicle glass replacement or repair scratches are not a small cost, especially not the perpetrators but also to find their own money .