Traffic police Tip: car insurance to buy three on the line, the other Is to give money to the insurance company

Now the Car Is our daily life The main means of transport, and more and more people are buying private Cars, then later buy a Car, not only to go to the Vehicle AdminIstration on the Card, but also to the Car buy an insurance policy, so that we in the driving process, if some accident happens, we can go the way of insurance, to avoid their loss of property, it also gives us driving down the road offers great protection.

so many new drivers say, Car insurance Is not the more the better buy more of it? Actually, not to say that the better buy Car insurance, there are several insured or completely unnecessary, Car insurance to buy these three on the line, the other Is to give money to the insurance company, it Is what three Auto insurance buy it?

The first one kind of insurance that Is to pay high insurance , and then for the insured to believe the owners are more familiar with, it Is mandatory for our country Car insurance, must purchase Auto insurance, but also in each year annual inspection, updated insurance costs, and U.S.’s implementation of traffic rules which says that if you buy a Car do not purchase insurance to pay strong, to be found in the traffic police, it Will They face fines double.

the first two kinds of insurance that Is non-deductible insurance , in fact, thIs Is a Car insurance claim to the insurance subsidiary, when the Car the process of moving, such as the occurrence of some accidents when insurance companies Will then be full compensation for the damage a vehicle, according to some site conditions, even if the accident was caused by their own reasons, Will be full compensation, not to our economy suffer.

A third insurance, Car insurance then thIs Will be very necessary, and that Is what we call the third party liability insurance , for thIs Car insurance, the market Will be roughly divided into two kinds, one of three insurance Is one million, while another Is 500,000 three insurance, where ah, small or suggest that owners, in particular, people who work in the big city, be sure to buy one million of the three rIsk, because in the big cities, relatively rich people must be more than a luxury Car also can be seen everywhere, in case of a serious accident when thIs happens, it Will facePro compensation price, thIs Is not the average person can afford, so I chose one million three insurance Will greatly reduce our financial losses.

I am sure you are the owner of Auto insurance has a certain understanding, then there are some insurance in the market, such as: anti-theft insurance, insurance of wading class, which Is completely no need to buy a typical insurance company to give money, so owners have to buy Car insurance must be Careful oh.