Traffic police Reminder: When buying car insurance, do not be silly, “Fudge”, only buy these four can

Is now more and more people buy a Car, then after we bought the Car, we all know that give license on our Car, at the same time to pay insurance. In addition to our country to pay high insurance mandatory post, some owners Will buy some commercial insurance, so when we travel by Car, even some traffic accidents Will be more of a security, so there are many types of insurance can be said that a lot of people are dazzled, today I gave you talk about, we these four very useful when buying insurance, with the view of it. Traffic police Reminder: When buying Car insurance, do not be silly, “Fudge”, but you can buy these four.

1. Strong insurance. ThIs I do not do too much description, I believe we are all aware, to pay high insurance Is our country must be forced to pay if you do not have to pay high insurance, then our Car Will not be given to regIster, at the same time when the annual inspection also Will not give you annual pass mark, then we travel by Car at the time, was found in the traffic police Will be penalized and fined.

2. Third party liability insurance, third party liability insurance for thIs, it Is a commercial rIsk, then we all know, to pay high insurance claims the amount Is very low, so at thIs time some owners can consider buying third-party liability insurance as a supplement, so when we travel by Car, even if the phenomenon Is the emergence of a number of rear-end or virtually scratch, at the time claims to be able to effectively ensure that our economy Is not lost.

3. The non-deductible insurance, for thIs non-deductible insurance, an additional rIsk Is normally, i.e. not able to buy a separate then hear a lot of people feel that additional rIsk Is not important, but here to remind you of such non-deductible insurance Is very important, if an accident when we have to buy the non-deductible insurance, then it there could have been passed on to their own economic compensation for the insurance company, so would free their economic losses.

4. Car damage. Insurance we mentioned before are tripartite insurance, but hIs Car Is also subject to certain lossesYeah, so at thIs time, if we have to buy caustic danger, then it can effectively reduce the loss of our Car, like some of the usual scratching or that there Is a collIsion, then soaked in water, such as Car damage Will always some claim.

So when we buy insurance, these four insurance Is very necessary to buy other insurance we can choose according to their own economic situation you understand me? Give us today to share here, what Is the difference of views and opinions are welcome to give me a message, and we can dIscuss thIs article like a lot of attention on me.