Traffic police Reminder: in fact, buy auto insurance just to buy the four! Buy Is to give the insurance company giving away money

you the first thing of course, Is to buy a Car after the Car license plate, but before the Car Is on the license requirements must purchase Auto insurance. Like pay high insurance Is on the Cards when the Car have to pay, otherwIse not give the license. For Car owners and Car insurance Is a good thing strong, after all, in the Car driving process Will inevitably encounter some scratch, then insurance Is a safeguard. But you know now are many types of insurance, the insurance people do not know what to buy better. Here we let the traffic police to our doubts, it Is recommended to buy these types of Auto insurance, buying more Is a waste of money. When it comes to Auto insurance, everyone knows that the first thing Is to buy a Car insurance because if you do not buy insurance, traffic police to remind: In fact, just buy Auto insurance to buy these four! Buy Is giving away money to the insurance company.

The first Is compulsory insurance. When it comes to compulsory insurance, each owner should understand that it Is necessary in accordance with the rules of the road traffic compulsory insurance, and must be purchased after the first cross-strong insurance, Vehicle Will be allowed on the license. However, we must remember, after buying, there Is a label must be affixed to the top, otherwIse the police Will educate you.

second category: Car damage insurance. When it comes to Car damage insurance, thIs Is the meaning of thIs insurance. If your Car parked on the roadside shopping, the evening after work or you do not find a parking space Is difficult to find people who hit your Car, then you can use thIs insurance, the insurance company money to help you make repairs. Another case Is accidentally hit another vehicle you drive during thIs time you can also apply for Car damage, let alone buy your insurance company.

The third category: third-party liability insurance. ThIs also must buy, because we look at. Please understand that the term third party. That Is, if your Car and others a traffic accident, traffic police comrades sentence you full responsibility. ThIs time you can use third-party liability insurance to compensate the other party, but the traffic police comrades say that thIs Is not Paul’s own insurance, so we should pay attention, because a lot of people buy insurance that insurance Is bought for himself, but not for the three insurance to protect ourselves, we must pay attention to the type of insurance. But thIs, thIs kind of insurance Is very important, so payPolice suggest that you have to buy.

The fourth point: non-deductible insurance. The Insurance traffic police give you advice Is to have the ability to buy a lot on how much to buy, and Why? There are two reasons. First: First of all the price Is not very high insurance, other insurance more expensive, can buy, Why not buy one for yourself more protection. The second point Is the most important point Is, if you bought it, then, just as thIs call, the full amount of compensation Is not deductible. The simplest example Is that if you hit another vehicle in the driving process, the full responsibility for the need to compensate 200,000, then with thIs insurance, the insurance company can take 80% of the compensation. The rest Is borne by the owner.

Accordingly, several important Auto insurance as mentioned above, it Is recommended that everyone buy it. Maybe a lot of people there to see what or wading spontaneous combustion rIsk insurance, but in thIs case insurance generally does not happen, there Is no need to buy. Auto insurance or to buy according to their own economic situation.