Traffic police Reminder: car insurance only buy these four Is enough, buy more Is a waste of money

and now more and more Cars on the road, and pedestrians have changed much, then drove out of time, Is the test vehicle owners driving skills. However, because traffic Is more complex, then a high driving skills, inevitably there Will be cases of Car scratching occurs. So when people buy a Car, they Will give their Car insurance. But what kinds of specific buy insurance, many people do not know Dounong, staff can easily be fooled, do not say more than spend money, buy insurance do not have access. So the traffic police to remind you to buy Car insurance, as long as these four Is enough. What are four in the end Is it? We take a look.

The first Is to pay high insurance, which Is every vehicle owner must be compulsory purchase. If you do not buy the insurance, then, Will be detained by traffic police found the Car, the other hand Will be twice as fine. So, although things out, to pay high insurance payment amount Is not much, but you need to have to pay, and we have no doubt or dIssatIsfied.

The second Is the third party liability insurance, the insured mainly in an accident, especially when the owners bear the main responsibility, he sent thIs Insurance on handy. And it Will be more of the payment amount, divided into three levels at the time of purchase, respectively, 300,000, 500,000 and 1 million, and the amount of the premium difference Is not much. So if you usually easy to hit luxury Car, it Is recommended to buy the high amount of third party liability insurance.

The third Is caustic danger, when there Is a traffic accident, the two sides Will have a loss. Third party liability insurance Is for others to lose money for themselves, and with caustic danger, you Will get part of the money to repair and reduce their losses. So when hIs Car accidentally knocked, nobody compensation, then you can also get a Car repairs from the insurance company there.

Is the last non-deductible insurance, as an additional rIsk which can not be purchased separately. And then I bought the non-deductible insurance, Will be greater protection of your rights. If you do not buy it, the insurance company Will only give you lose 80%, the rest depends on themselves. How important Is how, so surely we see at the.

In general, Car insurance Is to further protect the interests of owners, so we do not to save money, rather than to their own Car insurance. Also, do not because they do not bad money, but Will pass on the respective insurance, more than just these four Is enough, buy it, really it Is a waste of money. Traffic police Reminder: Car insurance only buy these four Is enough, buy more Is a waste of money