Traffic police Reminder: Car insurance can buy three! The other Is all the money pit!

traffic police to remind: Car insurance to buy three! The other Is all the money pit!

With the development of society and the country’s Car has become essential for every household to go out of the vehicle, and now Is getting people to buy a Car more, we all know that bought a Car, Car insurance Is required, and there Is a Car insurance Is a must, and that Is to pay high insurance, Why should we be forced to buy an insurance to prevent some owners do not buy, not the Car a joking matter, if you do not buy insurance, in case an accident to the regret of hIs own, and to pay high insurance fact in life Is not what role, really pitiful compensation, Car accident the worst case, not enough pay, so we still have to consider buying additional insurance.

there are a lot of drivers Will choose to buy commercial insurance, which insured the very least be able to be more than pay high insurance compensation, we can dIstinguIsh what Auto insurance Is useful which Is of no use it? Some time ago, there was a traffic police, he said: Car insurance to buy three! The other Is all the money pit!

The first Car insurance personnel. ThIs insurance Is estimated there are a lot of people are not going to choose, but thIs insurance Is very useful, I believe many people are not to go out of their Car to go out, go out and have fun with friends and loved ones together, if you buy thIs insurance once out the accident, the Car can also be a member of the appropriate compensation, when an acquaintance on board, responsibilities and pointing the finger of blame may all Car owners, Car owners to finally lose a person, the owner did not have much money for compensation if he Is very embarrassed, if bought insurance may have to worry about these things, most of the compensation can make the insurance company.

The second third-party liability insurance. If the Car had an accident, but no way to contact each other, thIs insurance Will play a significant role, if he Is the responsible party that acts as the insurance Is even greater, in accordance with the provIsions of the other party if the owner led to the death or hIs injuries thIs can help owners compensation insurance Is the percentage of ninety-related compensation expenses we generally go to the hospital to open a medicine Is great, the other badly hurt light Is not enough simply to pay high insurance compensation, but thIsOne insurance Is a defective, if the other party resulting in paralysIs, and Is not responsible for thIs situation, they are only responsible for all expenses before dIscharge, after dIscharge to everything else.

The third non-deductible insurance. If you buy a lot of insurance, some things can not be compensation for those insured, the insured Will play a significant role, not the insurance compensation to the other place, the insured Will be able to compensate, but the amount of compensation Is agreed between the parties and range, but thIs Is not what insurance compensation dangerous condition Is very critical.