Traffic police Reminder: buy three kinds of auto insurance on it, do not waste! Novice drivers to buy one kind

As owners we all know, every year the Car has to be insured, but the type of insurance on the market today range, variety. We all know that the Car must buy insurance each year, but what kind of insurance to buy a Car a year Is enough to use it? In fact, many different types of insurance but after some insurance Is bought hIs Car did not help, but in the sales of smallpox Luanchui when you Will feel everything with the traffic police to remind: buy three kinds of Auto insurance on it, do not wasted! Novice drivers to buy one kind.

First, a first must also buy. Traffic Insurance, thIs pay high insurance for thIs must be mandatory to buy, and for such a cross-strong insurance, we all know that our vehicle inspection Is also closely related to, if we do not buy such insurance to pay strong words, because the inspection are can not be adopted, and for thIs to pay high insurance, although it Is to pay the amount Is relatively small, but its loss ratio Is very high, since the maximum can be paid 122 000, so that for such a traffic compulsory insurance, we really have to pay, of course, in addition to thIs traffic compulsory insurance, we also need to pay some other insurance.

The second Is the non-deductible insurance. Such insurance Is mainly for people to buy high insurance, when the large Car traffic accident occurs, the normal insurance coverage paid only 80% of the cost, the other 20% of the owners responsible for their own needs. If you buy non-deductible insurance, then, that 20% of the costs are not you out, put thIs bear 20% of the owners transferred to the insurance company. For larger traffic accident prevention, it Is very cost-effective. The third Is the third party liability insurance. Third party liability insurance (referred to as liability insurance), full name: commercial third party liability insurance. The third commercial liability insurance, the main function Is bashed somebody something, or injure others to use! Depending on individual circumstances may choose to buy, and now many luxury Cars on the road, so the more the better insured!

Finally, if you’re a novice driver. It would be best to buy a Car damage, as long as the vehicle Is insured against accidents or natural dIsasters within the insurance coverage (not including seIsmic), resulting in the loss of the insured vehicle itself. Xiaobian Summary: GenerallyHe said the novice while driving, due to poor technique or not familiar with the vehicle, may lead to some minor incidents, so the above or necessary to purchase Auto insurance. Some older drivers consider buying insurance to pay strong enough, but more often than not a good drive technology Will be able to avoid accidents!