Traffic police Reminder: buy car insurance, these four roadside assIstance completely free of charge, but not the big loss

traffic police to remind: buy Car insurance, roadside assIstance these four must pay attention to, not only free but also on call, if do not know really a big loss!

talk about the topic of Car insurance, I believe there are many owners impressed before buying insurance salesman can say Is put hype, saying it also it also lose pay, in earnest when after a traffic accident, but excuses, said claims do not meet the requirements. When a similar situation, most people Will have a sense of being cheated, it Is simply the victims. However, as Car insurance, has also done more in place in another aspect, that Is, four kinds of roadside assIstance services, not only free but also on call, as the owner must pay attention, or really a big loss.

The first, free to send oil, take the electricity service. We all know that as long as the Cars on the road Will need refueling once the fuel runs out you can not run normally. Although thIs phenomenon Is rare but it Is also present, in case the Car can not find a gas station in the country roads, or experiencing the high-speed service area Is closed, if not replenIsh fuel, Is absolutely a very troublesome thing, At a time when the insurance company simply dial telephone, oil Will get free delivery service. The loss of electricity caused by the vehicle’s battery ignition can not be the case, as the insurance companies Will offer free ride electric service.

A second, free towing services. We know that as a Car belonging to the wear and tear items, not the strike Will not be the case, once the vehicle broke down on the road, or encounter a traffic accident, the vehicle can not travel, considered a very troublesome thing. At thIs time, as the owners Will basically contact the 4S shop or trailers team, which Is the need for staff to provide towing services charge fees, Collecting Fees DIsorderedly when there Is more serious. After experiencing Car can not travel at thIs time as long as the insurance company Is still unconditional offer towing services, as long as no more than a certain dIstance, it can be said Is completely free of charge.

Third, free tire change services. If when the Car encountered a puncture leak case, as the owner of the first reaction Is to replace the spare tire on the road. Despite the attendant Will prepare some tools to replace the spare tire, but since he was not professional staff to change tires,When you can not complete the replacement of the spare wheel independent, as long as the owner of the insurance company, also rushed to the scene within a free replacement spare tire as soon as possible time.

The fourth, on-site repair service. Some parts due to aging damage to the vehicle, causing the vehicle broke down situation, if their own contact maintenance personnel to the scene to repair, not only a waste of time, but also costly repair costs. If thIs happens, but the insurance company Will provide on-site repair service free of charge, if a simple repair, the insurance company Is completely free of charge, if the need to replace parts, such as engine belts, spark plugs, etc., but also just the owner to pay the cost of materials, while mechanics and so does not require owners to bear.

Therefore, for the purchase of Auto insurance, vehicle malfunction problem on the road, if you need more than four kinds of roadside assIstance services, can contact the insurance company to resolve. If the owners do not know how these types of free rescue services, we can say it really Is a big loss.