Top 5 should not buy car insurance, bought purely charity to the insurance company!

five most should buy Auto insurance, bought purely charity to the insurance company!

For most Car owners, the most important thing after buying a Car than to their Car insurance, and an appropriate insurance can reduce or even we avoid property damage. When buying insurance, you all know have to pay high insurance Is purchased, third party liability insurance and vehicle owners Will also generally caustic danger choice. However, faced with a wide variety of other Auto insurance, novice drivers can not help but be dazzled, then it Is easy to be deceived 4S shop, then what kinds of Auto insurance Is no need to buy it?

glass insurance. Glass insurance means insurance period, the individual vehicle being damaged during use. Key plan: alone. That compensation Will only hurt the glass, if the glass Is broken and the other parts of the body together Is not compensable. For example son said that upstairs falling brick, thIs brick hit the roof, with the roof and windshield damage, not lose. Only bricks fall directly on the glass, and glass break anymore only just lost.

wading rIsk. After wading dangerous role Is to protect the vehicle in case of surface water flooding or damage to the engine can be just compensation. If the engine Is flooded but the driver Is forced to launch, then do not give compensation.

spontaneous combustion rIsk. If your Car has been out of warranty, I suggest you consider buying spontaneous combustion rIsk, because the summer Is really hot, who can guarantee that Will happen Is not really spontaneous combustion, better than nothing. One might ask you need to buy a new Car? I can only say to buy a new Car insurance problems you do not hard to find manufacturers ah. Overall, spontaneous combustion rIsk buying and not buying it or look at life.

scratches insurance. The scratches insurance Is really very sad, because you want to buy a 2,000 yuan scratches insurance, then you have to pay premiums of $ 400, under normal circumstances, ordinary small scratch requires only 200 yuan can handle that, so , the money might as well buy insurance to repair themselves, and most people Will not go in the Car scratchesInsurance Is too much trouble, so, absolutely no need to buy!

pilfer. Many people think that insurance Is something stolen Car can be paid insurance. The results of thIs insurance stands for “the whole Car pilfer”, that Is to say the Car was stolen before they can only lose money, as we generally almost never quite such a thing (but easily stolen heard in the Sichuan-Tibet region CR-V may need thIs insurance), buy Is a waste.

which the insurance you have bought it?