Too scary! Luxury cars hit the road you have to sell, how to buy insurance Is most secure?

December 8 afternoon, the city of Shenyang modern Car hit a price in the 6000000-800 Rolls-Royce million for between a hot topic. According to reports after the event, thIs Is indeed full responsibility for the collIsion of modern Cars, and Rolls-Royce repair prices as high as one million, although thIs modern Car owners buy half a million three insurance sum insured, but still need further hIs own pocket to pay half a million, which Is really sCared.

as passers-by, we can not help but also finds fault with the need to be prepared in more than: If we encounter such a thing, how should we do, we have Cars on the road that was safe and what the insurance it needs under one roof?

Many owners plan to save money, that have bought a new Car after their own pay high insurance and then take off, thIs attitude Is definitely wrong, especially for novice owners. First Traffic Insurance (compulsory traffic accident liability insurance) Is compulsory for all Car owners buy, it gives a lot of accidents basic security, but at the same pay high insurance role Is very limited.

today pay high insurance under the responsibility of the vehicle even cause death and dIsability compensation limit Is also only eleven million yuan(CNY)(CNY), while medical costs only one yuan, causing property losses only up to two thousand yuan , not to mention motor vehicle without liability to pay even less time. Clearly, not to mention pay high insurance have much of a role in the hit luxury Car when the Car Is ordinary maintenance costs are also just drop in the bucket.

Therefore, often the biggest role or three insurance (third party liability insurance) in traffic accidents. The three insurance sounds and not the name suggests, but simply put, Is insurance to compensate others in a road accident.

and the sums insured of the three insurance there are many, the upper limit of ten million from fifty thousand to play, different maximum sum insured and insurance costs were positively correlated. Need to be reminded that when buying three insurance, do not pull that because a few hundred dollars and runs the rIsk. After all, in many areas, insurance costs fifty thousand insured amount Is about five hundred and insurance costs of the insured amount of one million, but also more than a thousand.

In the case of the beginning of the article, if modern Car owners to purchase a million insured or the insured amount higher insurance, but he spent more than a thousand dollars, but save the money saved but can buy a good Car.

at the beginning of the article mentioned modern Car owners paid in addition to the cost of repairs Rolls Royce, their Cars also in need of repair, but the price Is not low, thIs time on the need Car damage (loss of vehicle insurance) a .

caustic danger Is not only applicable to traffic accidents, while some other unexpected losses can also be paid. And in the Car does not exceed the price of the premIse, the upper limit of the insurance payout Is not very reliable. But it should be noted that different prices in different Car caustic danger, according to the insurance company’s rates may be higher than the rIsk generally three.

above all with regard to property damage, and if the staff Car damaged in a road accident, we need a board officers liability insurance. ThIs Is well understood not to repeat them.

The four belong to the insurance basic insurance, while there are a variety of additional insurance to choose from in the commercial insurance. Specific choice Is given according to their needs everybody owners. What are the needs, under what circumstances, what kind of work themselves and so are the effects ofEveryone selection factors to purchase insurance.

but in the end need to be reminded that not all cases can be to find an insurance company reimbursement, vehicle owners in the purchase of insurance to the insurance people need to ask themselves clearly or find out what the situation Is not protected on insurance contracts , which it Is also very important!

summary! In addition to pay compulsory insurance compulsory purchase, the editors believe that three insurance, Car damage Is necessary to buy, and board officers liability insurance according to their own economic conditions can only buy. Novice owners to buy the best, after all, a greater chance of an accident Novice. As for the other additional rIsk to buy it according to their own dIscretion!