To buy car insurance, insurance to decIsively abandon the five, also bought Waste of money

in the mouth of ordinary people, there Is an argument that can not afford the Car. For example, if we purchase price of 10 million Cars must pay a 10% tax when we buy, annual Car insurance Is sometimes necessary to pay a lot of money, but also bear in addition to a fine of traffic violations caused by annual vehicle maintenance cost Is also not a small sum of expenditure.

for the average-income people, the cost of a year in the Car Will cost 1-20000 yuan, for the family, thIs Is indeed a huge expense, but we are saying today Is, in fact, we can in many ways to reduce the cost of transportation expenses to the family, in addition to usually go out to pay attention to traffic safety, to avoid the frequent traffic accidents brought loss, such as when you feel the other Is in the second year to buy insurance, you can buy a few less insurance, from a practical point of view, the significance of these types of insurance Is not great, a little tasteless, following on to to tell you about these types of insurance.

first: scratches insurance, many owners usually the case in the insurance sales staff to buy thIs product introduction, they believe, when they drove they Will inevitably hit the Car, which can lead to Car body paint Is scratched, many owners think even scratches for the Car Is very dangerous, if not promptly treated, then the damage to the Car Is very large time, so most believe that thIs situation, as scratches insurance Will come in handy, but such insurance Is actually referring to compensate for the costs of others occurring in the vehicle body.

Second: glass insurance. Such insurance Is mainly the case for drama often happens, a valuable Car parked downstairs, the result of living in the upstairs tenants accidentally ran into their own pots, fell on the windshield, only in thIs case, the rIsk can be reimbursed glass, but if it Is not directly hit in the middle, or not hit the Clean glass, but also allow the windshield becomes broken or not, it Is not within the scope of the payment .

Third: wading rIsk. ThIs insurance purchased by more than Southerners, because in some northern cities, the rainy season Is relatively short, that Is,The situation Is flooded, are mostly in the underground passage of, but often people in the north, if you encounter rain, Will try to choose a different path through the underground. If the body Is flooded by water, and if the body of the vehicle Is not damaged, and that the cost of the insurance Will indemnify the engine, the other place Is not compensation.

Fourth: the rIsk of spontaneous combustion. After a very rigorous inspection of production Cars, usually before selling to do to ensure that no fundamental problems and major security failure, Besides, now that technology Is so advanced, you think how likely it naturally Car? In general, the new Car does not need to buy thIs insurance within three years.

Fifth: pilfer. Some insurance companies Will tell customers to sell, buy pilfer make our Car more of a guarantee, but fine if you do not ask, most people Will agree that if the Car Is stolen something, it should be in accordance with the value of the goods Will be lost be paid, but in fact, the whole Car pilfer only for payment Will be stolen, so long as we do not usually put valuables in the Car, try to park in a regular parking lot, it could be avoided.

Although more than a few of insurance Is to give extra protection to our Car, but I think Carefully, a lot of bad behavior in our daily lives as long as we Precautions can be avoided, such as when driving out more attention to traffic safety, not free to change lanes and stopper, being Careful not free to park in the lot at rIsk when parking, but do not stop in place without the use of other people’s activities, Get off the note to Carry valuables, lock the door, like good habits Will allow us to avoid unnecessary danger, over time we Will really no reason to stop the cost from the source of waste oh.