To buy a car note, car insurance these four Is enough, do not give money to the insurance company

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Lead: pay attention to buy a Car, Car insurance on the four enough, do not give money to the insurance companies

we are now more and more people buy Cars more, in fact, buying a Car Is not a very simple thing, there are a lot of formalities to go, to wait to mention Cars, but also to go to the bank formalities, then there Is after the Car insurance to the Card, loan, even if it does not say Auto insurance, other Insurance, too, are very complex, above the dense contract to write so much, few people Will be patient reading. Today we say Car insurance, in fact, bought the four Is enough, buy more useless, almost give money to the insurance company Song.

Car insurance, then each of us must pay, the state we are now forced to pay high insurance, in fact, Auto insurance Is mainly divided into strong insurance and commercial insurance, compulsory insurance Needless to say, the need to buy. Commercial insurance Is our own choice of words, then it Is all rIsks insurance business inside so the insurance, plus four primary insurance and respective additional insurance, the insured Is indeed very comprehensive, but also more high price.

we say today that four Car insurance it Is the primary insurance plus three additional rIsk of a specific combination, that we buy third party liability insurance + vehicle insurance loss + Car Insurance + staff not deductible insurance. In fact, thIs Is the most reasonable combination, more economical and very reasonable. In general, if an accident can claims, liability insurance ThIs four-three others are excluded loss, loss of vehicle insurance compensation for themselves, staff insurance compensation for passengers on board, it Is not deductible insurance can offset a lot of insurance.

In addition to these Insurance of course there are other it might use, like some all-rIsk insurance inside the vehicle spontaneous combustion, vehicle theft insurance, glass breakage insurance, and so what, it would be difficult to use almost all of us, so if we do not know how to buy insurance, then you can do such a reference, but also a reasonable insurance scheme Is derived from the data analysIs. Riders, then think how thIs kind of Car options? Please leave a comment below.