Tips: If you are not a tyrant, then, “auto insurance” buy only these three on the line!

Now, with the popularity of the Automobile, I believe we are on the Car more and more enthusiasm, but there are also rIsks driving, so you must buy the insurance, because the insurance Is really a good thing, whether it Is Auto insurance, life insurance, property insurance or pension insurance, it can be said, are a guarantee buyers for their own interests, and with everyone rIsing insurance awareness, and indeed we are beginning to learn to buy insurance, but Auto insurance Is not the same, because the vehicle on the road, Will inevitably lead to accidents, some Auto insurance Is a must buy, tips: If you are not a tyrant, then, “Auto insurance” buy only these three on the line! Let’s have a look.

first: Traffic Insurance, the Traffic Insurance Is every owner must buy, but also the compulsory purchase of, so called pay high insurance, many people Will ask if I thIs does not pay to pay high insurance happens, do not pay, they would take your vehicle detained and Will be fine. The second: third party liability insurance, the insured Is not only made himself a guarantee, but also do a service to other people, a lot of people do not quite understand Why buy thIs insurance, the accident occurred as long as we own the responsibility of the time, the insured Will play a role, but also recommended that owners mercy of insurance to buy a little high, after all, a lot of luxury Cars on the road, once the number of accidents can be adequate compensation.

Third: not deductible. ThIs Is as an additional rIsk, because the insurance company in the event of claims, and not the full amount, but paid a certain amount. For example: third party liability insurance dangerous condition, and you do not have thIs additional non-deductible insurance, the other to assess the damage amounted to 100,000, according to the average person to understand the insurance company paid 100,000 it should be, but in fact the insurance companies Will only help you out of 80,000, and the remaining 20,000 need to be responsible for yourself, but you have not deductible, then the entire amount paid by the insurance company.

In addition, such as some glass, scratches, robbery and wading spontaneous combustion or, in thIs category have insurance, we recommend to try not to buy, because you buy basically with the probability Is very small, equivalent to the money directly to the insurance company, so that buying Car insurance and buy things are much the same as if you buy things simply do not use it, then you alsoIt Is necessary to buy it? Whose money Is not the wind blowing, of course, if you do not bad money, then it Is no problem to buy all rIsks, for the Issue to buy Auto insurance, you have what kind of view?