Tips car insurance, so you do not have to buy car insurance to worry about!

With the continuous improvement of living standards, the Car has entered into everyone’s life, at the same time facilitate travel, but also brought many problems for everyone to sort out some of today about Auto insurance little knowledge, so you do not have to buy Car insurance to worry about!

1, to pay high insurance

to pay high insurance Is the law of the implementation of the mandatory insurance system, pay high insurance by insurance companies the occurrence of the insured motor vehicle road traffic accident caused by the victim (not including the vehicle and the insured person) personal injury, property damage, be compensated within the liability limit mandatory liability insurance. It Is each Car must buy insurance, if not pay high insurance, your Car Is not legally the road.

2, loss of vehicle insurance

loss of vehicle insurance refers to insurance of vehicles affected by natural dIsasters in the insurance coverage (not including earthquakes) or accidents, resulting in loss of vehicle insurance itself, the insurer compensation under the provIsions of the insurance contract. And to pay high insurance contrary, Car damage insurance Is to protect yourself, to your Car, have to buy caustic danger.

3, third party liability insurance

directly responsible for damage to the insured vehicle accidents in use cause personal injury or property of others liability. Because pay high insurance on medical expenses and property damage to a third party of lower compensation, after purchasing the Traffic Insurance, the best have to buy third party liability insurance as a supplement, the minimum recommended to buy 500,000 payment, but also according to individual circumstances You may buy 1 million of payment.

4, excluding special insurance deductible

Is not special insurance deductible while only insured vehicle and third party liability insurance loss only insured insurance on the basIs of thIs insurance. Insurance company losses in compensation for Car damage insurance and third party liability insurance when the range Is to dIstinguIsh responsibility: If you take full responsibility for compensation of 80%; 85% have primary responsibility for compensation; equally responsible to pay 90%; negative times responsibility to pay 95%. In addition 20% of the loss of the accident, 15%, 10%, 5% need your own pocket. But after with thIs insurance, vehicleLoss of vehicle damage insurance aspects of insurance and third party liability occurs, full compensation by the insurance company.

5, scratches insurance

scratches scratches insurance vehicle insurance i.e., it belongs to the additional rIsk one, mainly as a supplement caustic danger, and can cause the body scratches for the cause of the accident to provide effective protection. For novice drivers, scratches insurance or can be bought, recommendations scratches centralized treatment.

6, the entire vehicle pilfer, Car liability insurance, falling liability, insurance glass breakage alone, a stopped vehicle damage insurance, insurance spontaneous loss, equipment damage insurance

in summary, for the private Car, except for the first four have to buy insurance, other insurance does not recommend the purchase, unless there are special circumstances, for example, often long dIstances, you can buy a separate glass breakage insurance; vehicle liability insurance you can buy personal accident insurance.