Three kinds of insurance on car insurance only need to purchase, please pass Tyrant

Now, a sharp increase in the number of Cars, traffic accidents also Will be increased. Everyone to be safe, all have to buy Car insurance, but some people do not understand thIs, then buying them a pass. In fact, some Auto insurance Is not necessary, you may not know, these three kinds of Car insurance to buy it, the other almost in the pit of your money.

First, the Car insurance personnel. In fact, it stands to reason that should be the first to pay compulsory insurance, but it Is subject to compulsory insurance, do not buy Will not let you on the road, so here it goes without saying, but to say to the board staff. ThIs type of insurance Some people feel no need to buy, in fact, it has a significant role. For example, to play, certainly Will lead motorIsts familiar friends traveling together, but if an accident during travel, even the best relationship, others Will let the driver take full responsibility, so the driver Is required to bear excessive costs, if people buy Car insurance can avoid such situations occur, it Will not therefore undermine feelings.

The second, third party liability insurance. First of all, thIs type of liability insurance Is very important in their daily lives must be purchased. If we rIsk behaviors collIsion occurred during driving, the perpetrators escape, such insurance Will help us. Secondly, if we are the perpetrators, according to traffic regulations, if the other casualties occurred, the driver Is responsible, so drivers need to bear all medical expenses for the less well-off kinda, thIs cost Is great, but buy such insurance they Will be compensated under the circumstances, thIs can also reduce the burden on the driver.

A third, non-deductible insurance. The Auto insurance may seem trivial, but it can play a huge role at a crucial moment. For example, motorIsts bought many types of Auto insurance, but still some parts mIssing leakage, which Is deductible insurance to play a key role, leaving no compensation, part of the insurance company Will provide compensation depending on the circumstances. These are the three kinds of insurance on Car insurance only need to buy, if you are a local tyrant, please pass.