Three auto insurance liability insurance, buy 1 million or 1.5 million

Hello everyone, today let’s talk about Auto insurance, our vehicles a year Will buy insurance, while insurance inside a insurance, we are all must buy Is three, that Is to say the three accidents after compensation to other people’s money.

Why do we say today, ah, because we bought three insurance sum insured to buy 500,000 to buy 100 million to buy 1.5 million, the amount we buy Is not the same, its price Is not Like, some friends Will feel thIs time I was three I bought 500 000 appropriate, I bought one million appropriate, or 1.5 million or higher. Today, we look at it, we can according to thIs standard, then count up, we avoid buy less, buy more does not matter, because three insurance to buy, the better, if the Will Is not enough to buy a little more trouble. According to thIs standard we can the death of a local compensation standards, compensation standards as the 2020 death of Hefei, the standard for urban residents in the event of death, then compensation for more than 680,000 thIs table, then almost 70 million, and thIs time do not add anything else cost you, plus other costs together Is likely to be 800,000.

At thIs time if you buy half a million three Is definitely not enough. I would recommend buying one million or even higher, so how Car, that our insurance coverage was higher, avoid you bought 500,000, three times less than that time Is not enough, you also need their own money. Like thIs situation we need one million of the three. Another example we in New York, like New York Is 2020 Is a death compensation standards, he was a fast approaching 1.36 million, and then you mess plus other costs, there may be faster 1.5 million.

you do that again first-tier cities, you buy three 1 million Is totally inadequate, we recommend that Is in accordance with the criteria of death, then a slight mention that online, so that you are in the front line cities like wide north of these places, you start a minimum of 1.5 million, more preferably to more, because Why? First-tier cities Will be more luxury Cars? Such was safe. Like for example, I might say there Is a relatively small town here, then that Is the level of consumption have to be lower, at thIs time we recommend that the minimum should buy 500,000. Let thIs Car when the event of an accident, if they are not to let the accident, and then all of a sudden lost a lot of money,Himself could get it out.

That Is our conclusion Is that we bought three insurance, we can refer to compensation for the death of their own standard of local personnel, in accordance with thIs standard and then slightly increase some, thIs Is me we Is a reasonable price to buy the three insurance.

Let’s also part of the driver, for example, he said he just, he drove for 10 years, he bought a 10-year rIsk of triangle, then one does not escape from danger, you may feel that I bought three insurance say thIs, I did not much use, there Is no danger, the money wasted. Then only buy to pay high insurance, he opened 10 years, and feel that their technology Is better. That I only buy insurance, to pay high insurance, less than, thIs case we have to look at our pay high insurance, in fact, it Is a small triangle of insurance, but it Is limited to the amount paid, the highest total it paid 122,000 yuan. You say a traffic accident, plus you only pay high insurance, to pay high insurance payment amount Is 122,000 yuan, more pay for their own.

thIs situation Is to say that we are now in the price, the more than ten million basically nothing? It Is an accident, there Is likely to be largely dig their own money, and dig a lot of money. So we do not recommend you to say technology Is better, or drive a long time, you do not buy all three. Only buy to pay high.

That Is the minimum we recommend three to 500 000 small cities, big cities if the minimum one million or even higher, to buy the better, in fact it Is not for us three insurance That you want to buy 1 million and bought 500,000 price to double the difference. For example, you buy one million three insurance, your price Is 1800, then you buy 500,000 you are not 900 likely you are to 1200. So I bought three insurance higher, the higher its price. We able to do so, we Will try to go more than three insurance to buy. In thIs way we avoid that Is to say if an accident occurs, we can use the insurance to bear a part, and then avoid our own pocket, such as an accident, and lost a lot of money, but also their own life does not go up.

Let’s say that thIs Issue, you have any questions you can comment on